I must admit Fraser’s is one of my favourite sports bars.

Being a fanatical Australian football fan (better known as AFL) I often watch my team play in this very comfortable bar in Thrappaya Rd Jomtien. The owner is well known Aussie Stewart Fraser, he originally hails from Melbourne which automatically makes him an AFL fan, or should I say fanatic.

It’s impossible to grow up in that city and not follow AFL, many games through the season attract 70 to 80,000 supporters, with the grand final hosting 100,000 screaming fans.

Fraser’s Sports bar & Restaurant

Stewart is the happy smiling guy in the dark blue imitation Nike shirt above. I’m the good looking geriatric in the light blue shirt with the white hair. The above photo was taken on Boxing Day 2014, Fraser’s had been open since May 27 2014. Stewart’s nickname is Froggy, & I have no idea how he got it so if anyone knows the answer please let me know.

Fraser’s Sports bar & Restaurant

Now AFL football and all the other international sports on show at Fraser’s is not the only attraction. The hamburgers are to die for, there are many varieties with my personal favourites being the Cheese and bacon burger at B210, and the deluxe gourmet burger at B230. As you can see they are served with fries and packed with all the good stuff.

Fraser’s Sports bar & RestaurantFraser’s Sports bar & Restaurant

They have a full range of burgers & sports snacks. (Click Images For Zoom)

There are more sport snacks at the low price of B145. Breakfast also starts at B145 and they serve a very eggs Benedict for only B155 which is half the price many other bars & restaurants charge for this popular dish. The main courses include all the usual favourites with the stand outs for me being the New Zeland lamb chops B350 and the Australian Wagyu steak at B450. As you can clearly see the value at Fraser’s is exceptional. Stewart in fact offers a daily special which is terrific value, for example take a look below at Friday’s offering.

TV screens are everywhere.

There are so many screens I didn’t bother counting them, just ask for your favourite sport and they will happily put it on for you.

Fraser’s Sports bar & Restaurant

Now here are three things other than everything I have already mentioned that keep me going back

    • Smokers have to indulge their habit on the terrace not inside the bar
    • There is a separate area set aside for a kids play room
    • It’s on the way home from immigration so whenever I have to report in I stop at Fraser’s for lunch on the way home.

Phone Fraser’s 038-251-560

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Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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