Love Pattaya Thailand is offering FREE FOOD in the Punch and Judy for the rest of the month.

There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner Buffet’s on (please see pics below).

This is a marketing exercise to introduce people to a new concept being offered by Love Pattaya offering “All inclusive” packages.

Please accept our apologies in advance if we are unable to feed you due to having already ran out of food.

We are using these next few weeks to train and recruit staff to as we look to expand to dozens of other outlets we have acquired or made agreements with.

From 1st May 2019 Starting at ONLY 15,000 THB per month Love Pattaya will be offering the following –

Unlimited food
Unlimited Drink

Example package –

15,000 THB
Laguna Beach Resort 1 studio
Free food in over 50 places around town
Free take always delivered to your door
Free draft beer and local spirits in over 50 beer bars, Gogo bars, live music bars
And much much more to come.

We have over 4,000 properties from 25sqm studios to 500sqm penthouses or 10 bedroom villas.

Our properties are in every area of Pattaya.

If you are interested in knowing more about this offer please contact us on info@lovepattayathailand.com

Or ask Willy or Paul for details in the Punch and Judy.


Due to an overwhelming level of inquiries and in an effort to stream line the process and answer any questions as quick as possible please see relevant info below.

For anyone interested in moving in and finding out what property we could provide for a certain budget please forward the answers to the following questions to us via email or Facebook.

We would ask simply that you email us with the following info then we can send back some offers –

When are you looking to move in?
How long are you looking to stay?
Which area would you like to stay in?
How many bedrooms do you require or is a studio ok?
Do you prefer a house or a condo!
How many people will require the food and drink package?
What is your monthly budget?

We are launching this concept fully on May 1st 2019.

In an attempt to try and answer the most common questions with out being asked please see below some FAQ’s –

Question – Can I book for just 1 month?

Yes but not at the same rate. Please see below the rates for shorter periods.

The price quoted of 15,000 THB is for 1 year
For shorter terms please see below –

6 months plus 10% – 16,500 THB per month
3 months plus 25% – 18,750 THB per month
1 months plus 50% – 22,500 THB per month

Weekly – 10,000 THB
Daily – 4,000 THB

*Daily and weekly us subject to availability in certain buildings due to legalities.

Question – If I book a room can my girl friend also get free food?

We will apply a surcharge of 10,000 THB per head for the standard food and drink package.

Question – I own my condo can I just the food and drink package?

Yes the standard package is 10,000 THB per head.

Question – Do you have information on any of the other businesses participating in this concept?

We already have multiple businesses in the following industries –

Gogo bars
Beer bars
Sports bars
Restaurants (of various types of cuisine)
Massage shops
Hair dressers
Tourist attractions
Taxi companies
Golf courses

We will be working hard to increase the number of this significantly.

Question – what’s the catch?

Answer – We will place a clause in all agreements that gives us the right to cancel any agreement with a 14 day notice period.
This is to protect ourselves from anyone abusing the system.

Question – What projects do you have accommodation in and at what rates?

Please note the prices below are for 1 person please see the following surcharge’s –

Extra adult – 10,000 THB
Change studio to 1 bed – 10,000 THB
Change 1 bed to 2 bed – 10,000 THB

Amazon – 36sqm 1 bed – 18k p/m
Paradise park- 36sqm 1 bed – 16k p/m
Parklane – 36sqm 1 bed – 15k p/m
Laguna beach 1 – 25sqm studio – 15k p/m
The Cliff – 36sqm studio – 22k p/m
The peak towers – 30sqm studio – 24k p/m
Elegance – 70Sqm 1 bed – 50k p/m
The club house – 36sqm studio – 30k p/m
Jontiem park villas – 3 bed – 80k p/m
Nordic terrace – 83sqm 1 bed – 40k p/m
The sands – 50sqm 1 bed – 55k p/m
CCR – 25sqm studio – 23k p/m
The base – 30sqm 1 bed – 50k p/m
Unix – 36sqm 1 bed – 35k p/m
Centric sea – 36sqm 1 bed – 40k p/m
The avenue – 36sqm studio – 30k p/m
The urban – 52sqm 1 bed – 38k p/m

Plus many many more condo developments housing developments and stand alone developments.

Question – Will there be different packages Available?

Yes, we will have standard packages then the ability to upgrade to packages that include fine foods, whiskeys and wines.

Their will also be options to have the following services included in your package –

Cleaning service
Taxi service
Schools – international,local, and. language
Hair and beauty
Dental work
Health insurance
Gym membership
And many more

How can you afford to do this?

Our calculations are made from figures derived from several other businesses with in our group, we are tying up with many other businesses and by using the “barter system” where by we are “trading” goods and services to leverage what we have and keep the costs low.

The obvious saturated realestate market is also a defining factor in making this possible as we are managing to acquire rental properties at well below market value.

Soon to be launching “all inclusive holidays” to India and China this enables us to operate on a mass scale, obviously the higher the volume the cheaper cost per head generally.

From local business owners asking if it’s possible to take part-

Yes and you will be contacted by our team after Songkran with what we feel is a very fair offer and we hope to find as many participating business as possible to make the product as good as we can.

We will be in touch with further details in the coming weeks.


Love Pattaya Thailand

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    it would be better if you actually change it to English pounds sterling – I know the rate changes but most people would understand it , also legally how do the people stand if not happy with accomadation if its not up to standard ? LOOKS BRILLIANT ON PAPER THOUGH.