Getting married in Australia on a tourist visa ?

Yes you can marry on a subclass 600 tourist visa, either 3 months or 6 months, as there are no restrictions to getting legally married during this time. The 8503 clause however does prevent any more extensions without exception. So even though you are legally married in Australia your Thai partner will need to return to Thailand.

On return to Thailand your Thai wife/partner can then apply for an Australian partner visa. So after staying 3 or 6 months in Australia as a tourist and with a legal marriage certificate then your wife can go through the procedure via the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

1. Firstly the marriage certificate must be presented to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok in order for it to be formally recognised.

3. Thirdly the translation should be taken to Thai Ministry of foreign affairs for stamping to state that it is correct and legalised by the Australian Embassy.

Once all this is done the translated certificate can be taken to a Thai registry office or a Thai Amphur to be registered as legal in Thailand.

All of this should be carried out before changing your name on your Thai passport and before applying for an Australian partner visa and moving to Australia to live as man and wife. Further checks are needed such as Police checks and medicals and getting married in Australia on a tourist visa shows good intent to the Australian government.

For this reason it can be a good idea to marry in Australia on a tourist visa.

As immigration around the world is coming under stricter control making it more difficult to obtain the correct visa from the Australian Embassy it may be a good idea to consult a visa expert such as Love Pattaya Law.

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