I’ve been here for a little while now and even though what happened to me the other night wasn’t the best, I’m still having a brilliant time in Pattaya!

The weather here is great, always a bar that you can go into day or night and your always made to feel welcome with a cheeky lady or two sitting inside, and the food here is cheap too. I think I can say, hand on heart that I think this the best place I’ve ever been to.

I’m probably not going to carry on with the party lifestyle everyday as i do have some activities planned and I want to see some of the beautiful wonders of Pattaya before I’m burned out!

Gummy Bear Done Me!

Going back to the food, the last couple of days when I’ve felt a bit peckish I go down to the little market in Pratumnak ( soi 6 ) where they have several food stalls. I often pick up some fruit when I’m there and i generally grab some bananas ( for as little as 40THB ) and they also have really good pineapple which they will cut it up for you, put it in a bowl and give you some sticks to eat it with, its great!

Gummy Bear Done Me!

Theres also clothes stalls down at this market along with a selection of other stalls selling herbal teas, kids toys, Thai Souvenirs, cake stalls, beer huts and quite a few freshly cooked meats are also available at the many food stalls down their.

Everything is cheap, cheap, cheap, I tend to get chicken skewers because they are only 50THB each and its a good sized portion that fills me up. They come with salad and dressing and i buy some pitas and they are pretty tasty and great value for money.

I thought this market was a good little find so i thought id share it with you, its best to go down there in the evening as most stalls are not open during the day. Its also quite a nice little area in the evening where you can unwind and have a beer before going out.

Anyway, after having something to eat, with some extra beer tokens left in my pocket it was time to go and paint the town red and see if these extra beer tokens can go a bit further than beer 😉 So off to LK Metro!

Again another great place to go for a night out. Excellent selection of Agogo Bars around this little area ( and not as expensive as down in Walking Street either ) you have Kaos Agogo, Destiny Agogo, Paradise Agogo, Kiss Agogo and many others! So yes, I do like it around LK Metro. This time we drank in Champagne Agogo, in here its only 65THB a draught beer how goods that!

Gummy Bear Done Me!

Another night out on the tiles, lots of fun drinking and partying with HOT GIRLS and my mates, we actually managed to complete a fair few bars around the circuit of LK this time.

Gummy Bear Done Me!

I’ve began to notice that it doesn’t matter how smashed you get, theres never any difficulty getting into a bar or club in Pattaya. Also, there’s never any queuing here either. You can walk straight in and they are always happy to see you. Not like Bognor Regis or Sudbury town where the club management seems most happy when they turn you away for being too drunk! Oh, i forgot to mention…clubs and bars in Pattaya are FREE to get into, so that’s a nice touch!

Gummy Bear Done Me!

So after hitting LK Metro pretty hard it was off to Walking Street again, by which time I was pretty merry and to the i-Bar my NEW local we went. I’m becoming a bit of a regular in the i-Bar, i love it. I had my usual great time in the club and I did manage to put my Extra Beer tokens to use and not just on beer 😉 as i did meet a very attractive young lady. Well that’s what I thought at the time ( and no it wasn’t a ladyboy ).

I took her back to a hotel room on Walking Street, I cant remember the price and much of what happened In the room but when I saw her In the morning she didn’t have any top teeth and didn’t look that young anymore, and she was parading around the room with no clothes on smiling at me. Like a ‘man’ I hid under the covers hoping that what I just saw wasn’t really happening and when I popped my head back up again it would be one of the fit girls I’m used to having fun with.

I stayed under the covers for a good few minutes until she began tugging on the quilt covers asking “You wanted more party?”, “Not at the moment thank you” I said, “OK honey” she said “I just go shop now be back soon”.

Thank god for that I thought and I drifted off back to sleep ( sure she spiked me with something ). When I woke up the room still only had me in it and no sign of gummy bear from last night. I felt ABSOLUTELY AWFULL and was puking up for at least an hour. After gradually getting back to normal I looked at the time it was nearly 16:00PM, so decided to get changed and leave but whilst in the process of putting on my jeans I noticed they felt a bit light, I had a fumble around in the pockets for my wallet….But it wasn’t there. I searched the room high and low, turned over mattress looked in cupboards, under the bed everywhere, Nope, Gone!…Shit!

The Bad thing was it has my bank card in it and that was the only way I could get hold of any source of money. Then it hit me, not only had gummy bear spiked me, she had also robbed me in the process.

So again another disaster for the end to the night/morning. Again luckily for me I have friends out here but I could have been in dire straights and penny less for the rest of my time in Pattaya.

Lesson learned, it pays to be careful and keep safe when out here drinking all night….Despite my undoings I still love it here.

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