Thailand is chocked full of ghost stories, superstition, legends and mystery.  There are many ghost tales that have surpassed the years and are still widely believed today.  One such tale is that of The Krasue.

Legend has it that a young woman walks outside of her house and encounters a strange green glow hanging in the air.

Upon walking towards the light, she is confronted by a shocking image.  There before her is the head of a woman.  Where the woman’s body should be, hangs a bloody mess of entrails and innards.

Haunted Thailand - The Legend of Phi Krasue

The legend of the Krasue is one of the constants through Thailand and Cambodia, where she is known as The Ap.

The stories are unclear as to how the Krasue came to be.  It is believed by some that they are what becomes of women who dabble in black magic and the dark arts to atone for their sins.

A Krasue is said to feast on blood, fetuses and fecal matter and the insides of pregnant women are said to be their favorite snack of all.

If you would prefer not to have a visit from one of these lovely floating women, you need only place thorny vines outside of your home.  The creature cannot pass through the thorns without getting stuck.

If you aren’t careful, and you allow the creature to trick you into a kiss, you will soon turn and become one yourself.

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