How many times have you walked pass a bar and heard the frantic cries of “hello sexy man”?

Geoff my Aussie fiend just had a terrific birthday party with a huge group of friends from all over the world.

Hello sexy man

He was looking for the right venue and would you believe he found Heaven Gentleman’s club on the LovePattayaThailand website.

Soon I will publish a photo blog on the fun and games we all had at that terrific venue. Anyhow Geoff’s party reminded me a little of the famous Pattaya call of “hello sexy man”.

Back to my question of “hello sexy man”, what made me think of this was Mike Bairds fabulous cartoon that absolutely nails life in a Pattaya beer bar. Mike is Thailand’s leading cartoonist, is that a word? I dare you to try this and I guarantee you will get the same result.

Many thanks to Mike, you totally nailed it. See lots more of Mikes work here.

Hello sexy man

​Mike and I at Walking St in 2012.

Here is a scary observation, I’m sure 75% of the punters actually believe what the girls are shouting does apply to them, each time they hear the cry “hello sexy man”.

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Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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