When does high season starts in Thailand?

Like many countries that benefit from tourism, Thailand has a very distinctive high season. Traditionally this is the period between November and February – a time that is often referred to as the ‘cool season’ where temperatures in most central and southern areas of the country are in the mid to high 20’s. Typically, during this period the amount of rainfall is also limited and sea temperatures remain warm throughout the year – appealing to those who enjoy water sports.

Shortly after the end of the high season is the Thai New Year of Songkran – often referred to as the Water Festival. This takes place in mid-April and is popular with locals and holidaymakers looking to enjoy the festivities. The festival isn’t for the fainthearted as you will literally get soaked to the skin and everyone is seen as fair game. Hotels are usually booked up months in advance and the rates are usually similar to those charged in the traditional high season.

When does high season starts in Thailand?

Although the traditional high season is between November and February the distinction between the seasons is becoming increasingly blurred. Golf is a popular pastime in Pattaya and golfers tend to prefer the low season with green fees being significantly lower. In recent years, the city of Pattaya has enjoyed a rapid increase in the number of visitors coming from China. This is a group that seem largely unaffected by the seasons and keep coming throughout the year.

When does high season starts in Thailand?

The longer the high season lasts, the better for everyone associated with tourist centres. Indeed, cities such as Pattaya seem to be noticeably busier throughout the year and hotels and bars are obviously reaping the rewards. There has been a significant shift in the type of visitor who now come to the city.

Previously the city had been associated with single males looking to make the most of the nightlife but now the city is far more family orientated. The changing type of visitor has naturally changed the type of accommodation that is required.

Demand is now high for units that are available for short term rentals that offer more of a self-catering or home from home feel. This has led to an increase in construction rates which has obviously resulted in developers looking for increased investment. In order to get greater investment, they have had offer attractive incentives such as rental guarantees over reasonable periods of time.

Like many great deals some are too good to be true but one offer that does stand out from the crowd is offered by the New Nordic Group. They are offering guaranteed returns of 10% p.a. for periods of anything from five to twenty years. The company has been offering the same deal for ten years and have already completed dozens of projects. The infrastructure, business plan and management teams are firmly in place to ensure that all obligations are met.

When does high season starts in Thailand?

In fact, the scheme is so well devised that only low occupancy rates are required even in the low season, although thanks to bookings taken months and even years in advance, they are having no problems meeting these rates. The scheme is a low risk investment that offers excellent returns and it really proves that the group understands tourism in Thailand. It is no surprise therefore that has been a large uptake of the deal.

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