Hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya is Thailand’s largest resort town and is a modern and ever-expanding city. Its location, only two hours from Bangkok on the eastern seaboard makes it a popular holiday destination for both foreign and Thai visitors. Pattaya’s coastal position in central Thailand means it experiences no real extremes of heat or cold, making it an all-year-round destination.

Over a third of the 12 million foreign visitors to Thailand come to Pattaya, some for a day or two, and some for several weeks. There is a large ex-pat community who come from all over the world, while Thais, particularly Bangkok residents with second homes here, visit frequently.

The main tourist season in Pattaya is between November and March when the weather is pleasantly hot and dry (low 30s Celsius in the day and 20s at night). April/June can get very hot and the rainy season usually lasts from July to October although it usually only rains for an hour at a time…

When you are one of the most visited holiday destinations in South East Asia you’re gonna need a lot of places for people to stay. Pattaya is currently home to over 800 hotels, resorts and spas and that number grows by the day. Whatever kind of accommodation you are looking for, we will have it listed, right here.

Our Hotels section is very simple to navigate. You can either search through using our star rating tabs to find hotels by quality. Or you can search for hotels by the area of Pattaya, in which they are located.

So whatever you specific requirements LOVEPATTAYA will help you find the right one for you. Family friendly hotels, places that allow pets or just the perfect location for a couples retreat LOVEPATTAYA have it all.