​Not everything runs smoothly on any major project as you can clearly see.

Houston we have a problem

Update December 10

Houston we have a problem

​December 10th was a very hazy day in Pattaya due to farmers burning off in the north, it was also the day the third pipe link was put in place. I’m unsure whether or not this is the final stage, only time will tell.

December 11

Houston we have a problem

As you can see the following day the pipe has been submerged & work continues.

Before moving to Pattaya five years ago I lived on the Gold Coast in Australia, a city famous for it’s world class beaches. I have to tell you beach erosion in Pattaya is no where near as bad as the Gold Coast.

The difference is it happens more regularly in Pattaya with heightens the problem. Take a look at the devastation after a tropical storm in Australia.

Written by David Herd
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