After a great deal of thought and extensive research down Pattaya’s most famous street for adult entertainment which need not be named, we all know where I’m talking about I have decided to talk about a little performance aid I have stumbled across which really does help on those wild nights out here in Pattaya.

Whether like me you’re pushing 60 but still like to indulge in all the delights Pattaya has to offer or a finely tuned athlete it might be that sometimes the spirit is willing but the body just can’t keep up leaving many to try a variety of different tablets and jells which all promise the earth but quite often don’t quite live up to the hype or in some cases have rather unwanted side effects.

Now there is a variety of chemical compounds in most male performance aids which if you have heart problems could lead to some very serious side effects not to mention the more common less serious but annoying ones they also cause for most people such as insomnia muscle pain and the dreaded red face as flushing occurs.

However all these problems that arrive from the chemical compounds found in most products don’t occur with this new herbal booster guaranteed to get your private standing to attention ready for whatever the ladies of Pattaya can throw at you.

What I can only describe as NOS for men is called Tang Tang Hae Chao and includes three main naturally occurring ingredients Cordyceps which boosts your libido and helps you go longer, Kra Chai Dam- which helps to stimulate the prostate, who doesn’t like a good bit of prostate stimulation and finally Ginseng which also helps you last longer, happy days right!

ErawadeeSo if you’re planning a holiday to this awesome city why not stock up in advance and really make the most of your time here because let’s face it when you’re not here your spending all your time wishing you were because this little gem really does make a night out in Pattaya that bit more special.

I have included a link below to the mentioned performance aid, but don’t just take my word for it give it a go yourselves it will change your nights out here for the better.

Click here for more information on Tang Tang Hae Chao

As always guys stay safe, have fun and we hope you have an awesome time here in Pattaya!

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  1. Alan

    where in real life can i buy Tang Tang Hae Chao — not online as I will be there just a few days