When I post photos from a couple of years ago on my social media feeds, I always have someone that contacts me to ask me how I dropped my weight.  I came to Thailand at 116 kilograms (255.7 lbs).  After my first 15 months of being here, I dropped 46 kilograms (101 lbs).  I did it all without going to the gym or any supplements.  You can do it too, and no, it’s not hard.

Surely I must have busted my ass in the gym every day or found a magic pill right?

As someone who has taken every diet pill under the sun in a search for said magic pill, I’ll be the first one to tell you that it doesn’t exist.

Laxatives, ephedrine, Red Line drinks and concentrate, Stacker 1, 2 and 3’s and many other pills have gone down my gullet through the years.  None of them did anything, unless you count shaking like a crack head.

When it comes to fitness and the gym, my official stance is that it is not a necessity.  Change your opinion of the gym.  Do not look at it like something you HAVE to do.  Start looking at gym time as “extra credit.”

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting

So if it isn’t the hours spent in the gym or a magic pill, then how did you do it?

I was the type of person that ate in excess.  Being in the Marine Corps taught me that you do everything with speed and intensity.  Unfortunately for me and many others, this also means that we eat extremely fast.

I was typically the last person to any dinner table and the first person finished.  During that short period, I ate enough food to feel satisfied.  About 20 or 30 minutes after my meal however, I found that I was overly full and asking myself why I had eaten so much.

The fast meals took a toll on me.  While working as a contractor overseas, three meals per day were a buffet.  Over the six years that I was employed, there were record amounts of food devoured.

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting

At first, I was in denial about my weight gain.  After about two years however, I knew I had to do something (this led me to my search for the holy grail of weight loss bills, of which none were found).

After the weight loss substances, came the gym.  I have personally fought and nearly died through every single cross fit, Rush Fit, extreme abdominal and cardio video known to man.

Sure, with the amount of time that was being spent on the gym, weird diets and pills I lost some weight.  The weight didn’t stay gone, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I was trying so hard.

After working on contract, I made some life decisions and ended up moving to Pattaya, Thailand.  I decided that the slow life was what I needed in my life.

Slowing down is the key to everything.  The problem wasn’t WHAT food I was eating, or even the fact that I was eating until I was full, the issue was the speed at which I was sucking down food.  The only thing that could have done it better would be a hoover.

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting

Once I started taking my time when I ate, everything else just fell into place.  I started noticing that when I ate with people and held conversations, I would get full by the end of the chat.  When I looked at my plate however, I hadn’t eaten the majority of my meal.

The theory works much the same as eating a piece of bread to hold you over until you have a meal.  Eating slowly gives your stomach time to tell your brain that it does not require any more food.  When you eat quickly, you throw food into pit so fast, that your body doesn’t have time to react.

I’m not going to lie and pretend to be some kind of diet saint.  I’ll be honest and tell you all that I still eat pizza, burgers, fast food restaurants and candy bars daily (literally).  It doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, it matters the rate at which you eat it.

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting

The hardest part about the first few months of starting this way of living, is the amount of food waste that you will go through.  For about six months I still ordered the amount of food that I could eat before.  Your stomach will start shrinking after about 48 hours of starting to eat slowly.

I see so many people going down the same roads that I went before.  Many overweight people are currently on their search for the ultimate magic pill too.  I’m here to tell you, a happy life and slow eating is as close to magic as you are going to get.

How I Lost 46 Kilos Without Fitness Or Dieting

If you decide that you want it quicker, slow down your eating and go to the gym as extra credit.  The people who have followed the advice that I have given them are seeing progress.  I am hoping this story will get some of them to share theirs as well.

If you have questions you would like to ask, send me a message on Facebook, I’m always happy to help.

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  1. Geoff Tuck

    Hello, couldn’t agree more, I to came to Thailand aprox. 4 yrs. ago, at 114 kgs, within 4 months I was down 102kgs. I still ate well, as I usually did, no gym, or diet tablets, just a different environment, low stress, everything slowly, slowly, I put it down to the heat, as I was constantly sweating, but I still do that now, so I think you are onto it. Cheers