Went down to SOI 6 for a bit of slap and tickle in the ROXY BAR, had a right laugh, was around 15 girls in the bar who were not shy of coming over to say hello 😉

The good thing about this place is no matter what you look like, or how old you are, everyone is treated with the same welcome, as I noticed an old guy in the corner of the bar ( must have been about 70), having the time of his life with a couple of hotties by his side and probably only had to buy them a couple of lady drinks each.

Captured In A Room With No Way Of Escape!

So Pattaya is the place where dreams come true.

We got in there about 17:00pm and took full advantage of the promotion what was in place,( buy two drinks and get the third for free! ) which runs 7 days a week between 13:00-19:00pm, so a fantastic way to start the evening.

Stayed in there for a couple of hours and hit a couple more bars down SOI 6, RUBY CLUB and LUCKY LOVE BAR which again have sexy girls and cheap booze on offer before heading off to Walking Street (watch out ladies killer Kemble is hot blooded and ready to unload his weapon of mass destruction)

Captured In A Room With No Way Of Escape!

Ended up in the I-BAR again looking for some lucky lady….and yes, I did find one but unfortunately things did not go as smoothly as expected!

We jumped on a motor bike taxi, and headed back to her room ( I didn’t have a clue where we were going ).When we arrived, the place she stayed in was a short distance from Walking Street but down a dark narrow street and we had to go up several flights of stairs to get to her room passing undesirables asleep on the stairs.

Captured In A Room With No Way Of Escape!

We carried on the party with Thai whiskey Sangsom, things were going great, we were listening to music had a little boogie and ate some crisps but as time progressed this sweet fun Thai lady turned into a MONSTER!!!.

It all happened so quickly, one minute we were laughing and the next minute she turned to me with a deathly look in her eyes and she said “I feel sorry for you”, I first thought she was mucking about so just shrugged it off and laughed, but then she burst into tears and said “I’m so sorry I don’t know how long you have left” by this time I had stopped laughing and asked what do you mean?

She replied, “People have seen you come in here with me and will be waiting for you downstairs and it won’t be happy holidays any more” oh right I said perhaps they can give me a lift home later then ( trying to lighten the mood )

This went completely the opposite way and just fueled her in to a mental rage, she went absolutely ballistic and started shouting ( in Thai ) and throwing things around the room. At this stage I was getting a bit worried and realized I had also run out of money so I started scanning the room for my exit!

To my bad luck there was no window and the only way out was the door, which was a route I didn’t want to take especially if people were waiting for me. So like anyone would I jumped into her wardrobe and pulled the doors closed! She must of carried on banging and shouting for at least 10 minutes on those wardrobe doors then, all of a sudden there was silence.

I presumed she had calmed down by now and luckily for me I had a Thai sim card in my phone and managed to call my friend who was at work by this time to ask him to pick me up, but as I didn’t know where I was and could only tell him I was stuck in a wardrobe it didn’t really help.

A few more minutes went buy and I plucked up enough courage to creep out of the wardrobe.

Unfortunately for me she was still in the room and was sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. I asked her if she was ok? With a smile on her face and in a pleasant manner like nothing had happened she said “Yes I ok” (talk about Jekyll and Hyde ) so I rang back my friend (who can speak Thai ) and got him to ask her where I was.

She was much calmer by now and she told my friend where we were held up and he soon came to my rescue. Upon meeting him downstairs he immediately called me an idiot and said abruptly “Get in the car”

It turned out that no one was waiting for me but you hear stories of things that happen over here and usually true so on this occasion things could have turned out a lot worse.

I think the cautionary tale is never run out of money if you are entertaining a lady and always find out where you are going, or at least ask her if she has a window in her room just in case…

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