I am not a great sports fan type – with the only exception of biathlon, which I would rather watch on TV than staying alone a snowy run route somewhere in Östersund. But I cannot help but just admit that Jet Ski World Cup which is held annually in Pattaya is an extremely exciting event – and you are definitely not going to be dead with cold here!

Even races make me shout for my favourites – whom I pick out on the spot, I should admit – but what drives me really crazy is freestyle. This time there will be two runs of freestyle, on Saturday and Sunday, both at 4.30pm.

<strong>Here are some pics from the previous competitions to inspire you to come to Jomtien during this weekend.</strong>

The stands for spectators definitely lack shadow – and this is probably the only drawback I can mention as far as the organization is concerned.

Jet Ski World Cup – 2015

Races are a pure adrenalin and aesthetic pleasure. Some participants wear a very stylish outfit!

Jet Ski World Cup – 2015

And here come freestylers. They should be wizards and witches as I am absolutely sure that no human being could perform a flying somersault five times in a row and still keep hold of their jet ski!

Jet Ski World Cup – 2015

Jet Ski World Cup – 2015

Well, falls do happen and they make your heart sink every time you see a jet ski and a rider flying away from each other.

Jet Ski World Cup – 2015

Girls go strong, too.

And now you see that the real jet ski champions are …spectacularly masculine!

Jet Ski World Cup-2015 will take place in Jomtien from December 4 till December
Come and enjoy.

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