Kurt Svendheim, CEO of the New Nordic Group continues to Surprise!

In completing projects and honoring the New Nordic investment Guarantees! We have all heard the old saying that “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and no doubt people have thought this about many things that have taken place in Pattaya in the past.However the New Nordic Group with Kurt Svendheim, the CEO steering the ship it really does feel like that there may be exceptions to this rule and train of thought. If we are all honest, the New Nordic Projects are exciting and the deals that are available for investors are superb!. Put any personal feelings aside and you can’t fail to be impressed by the investment opportunity that Kurt Svendheim and New Nordic are offering. Many people visit Thailand with the intentions of purchasing properties to rent out in an attempt to generate a nice residual income. Most of these people though, come to Pattaya and buy property without a structured plan as to how they are going achieve this goal. Investors like these often buy units that are not desirable and hard to rent out – especially in the low season and as a result can be left with something of a white elephant. However, according to the Global Property Guide if you buy the right property, they claim, that investors can be looking at annual returns of 6-8%But these are by no means guaranteed!

Kurt Svendheim has seen this lack of guarantees as an opportunity and has decided to offer guaranteed annual returns of 10%. The returns can be guaranteed to for 5, 10 or even 20 years therefore surpassing anything that the banks can offer as well as many traditional investments such as stocks and shares. Of course there is a small element of risk but in reality this is relatively low as you still have a condominium where you can live in the worst case scenario. WORST CASE SCENARIO? There is even a buyback option available on some units meaning that the capital that you invested is guaranteed too.

So how do New Nordic and Kurt Svendheim guarantee these returns?
The answer is quite simple and is twofold. Firstly, the Group has sound contracts with tour groups who can guarantee bookings and secondly they own a lot of the properties themselves therefore reducing the burden of repayments. Even in the low season a 50% occupancy rate will more than pay the rental guarantees as well as securing a tidy profit for New Nordic.

Unlike many of the other rental guarantees that we have seen in the past in Pattaya – this one actually works. The infrastructure is already in place to be able to meet any demands that are placed upon them.

   Flexible Terms
   Fully Secured by Property
   Regular Returns Options

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  1. Jimmy

    Kurt Svendheim is true to his word! I invested in New Nordic nearly 6 years ago now. My monthly returns came like clockwork and the initial investment i made was returned after the 5 year period like i was promised. Kurt Svendheim made me a very happy investor, so much so i re-invested earlier this year!

    1. Thomas

      Same here Jimmy. I invested in New Nordic around 6 years ago. My initial investment was returned and monthly payments came as they said they would. Ive recommended this investment opportunity to my friends and family and they are more than happy. Kurt Svendheim has made our family very happy indeed!

  2. Bjarne

    I invested in New Nordic a few months ago. So far so good! Kurt Svendheim and Nordic have very big plans for there area and i don’t see them leaving anytime soon….

  3. Billy Bangkok

    Bought my first condo with NN 3 years ago. Proved to be a great investment. Seriously thinking about buying a second one now!

  4. Brian

    Great investment! Kurt Svendhiem has certainly made me a happy investor , I signed up just over six months ago and everything has run very smoothly, wonderful location, amazing views , superb deal. Cheers Kurt.

  5. Dirk

    I considered this a few years ago but instead decided to invest in another project (the vision) which is still not complete (currently over 2 years behind schedule so I’m yet to receive any return on my investment. In hindsight I wish I had invested in new Nordic, truth is at the time I actually met Kurt himself but thought he was being a little over ambitious, how he has proved me wrong. If I ever manage to sell my unit in the vision for somewhere near what I paid I would definitely be confident in investing with Nordic.

  6. John

    How is this possible??? There must be catch here somewhere??

    1. Pattaya investor

      It adds up, very simple really, Kurt Svendheim is obviously a very smart man, and I’m happy to just benefit from it. Check the site out there is a link on the article it’s pretty informative.

  7. Steven

    I’ve just received me first rental payment from Nordic, I only purchased a unit in late November and I’m all ready receiving returns. I only invested small to get a feel for it but if there are no problems and it continues like this I imagine I’ll be looking to sell my other condos and just put my money with Nordic, the 9.5% I receive NET is far more than I average usually and I don’t have to do anything. I’ve watched Nordic grow over the years, I now wish I had jumped in sooner.

  8. brian brown

    I am also considering this investment platform. Like many readers I ve scratched my head and had the same thoughts ” too good to be true…?”
    But as much as I ve tried to find some negative posts, there is non. Which is a surprise in itself given all the usual Expat cynics here.
    Can someone burst my balloon?

  9. Mike Nikkel

    Have been trying to contact this investment group, yet with no success. What is their email contact?

  10. Peter

    There is a new project in Phuket from newnorficgroup. 10 %ROI
    But the contract must be made with
    a small cpmpany registered capital
    15000000 Baht.
    Not too much.
    So this makes me wonder if anything is correct.