If you’re looking for a specialist tattoo artist that can create real to life photographic and 3D designs, then 3 Time Tattoo are well worth a visit.


The 3 Time Tattoo shop itself is glass fronted and you can see a very colourful display of tattoo pictures and designs hanging on the walls. There are tattooing chairs for two customers and all the correct equipment for sterilising needles for inking and piercing.

Tremmy The Artist

Tremmy is the older brother and has been tattooing for over ten years and his younger brother, Noom started tattooing professionally just over 3 years ago when they opened the studio. They also have an assistant trainee artist whose name is Boss! (If you like listening to good classic rock music whilst getting inked, this is the studio for you!)

The Brothers

The first thing you will notice about Tremmy and Noom’s work is that they are both fantastic free hand tattoo artists. There are many photographs and hand drawn designs adorning the walls that tell quite a story. Both brothers studied for 2 and a half years at the Fine Arts Thailand art school in Bangkok before becoming Tattoo artists, and it shows in the quality of their work.


Tremmy works mostly on the bigger designs including sleeves, shoulders, full back and full body tattoos. Noom specialises in smaller designs. Both brothers can be commended on their attention to detail. Tremmy’s 3D and photographic portrait work is simply stunning.

Japanese Style Tattoo

Noom likes to create Japanese style tattoos and his designs are generally finished in one sitting of 2 to 3 hours or so, where as a full body tattoo created by Tremmy could well be completed over a period of time as long as a month. In between sittings healing time must be taken into account too.


The brothers also specialise in piercings and can pretty much pierce any suitable body part you like, including your Prince Albert if you so desire!

3 Time Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio in Pattaya and comes highly recommended.

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