This venue sits in what many locals call Soi Bumpy or Soi Chaiyapoom but on the map it often appears as Chalermphrakiat 25. It connects Soi Buakhao to Third Road and is awash with some of the best massage shops in Pattaya, music venues and bars.

The business is owned by Fon, from Chiang Mai, who opened it in 2013, shortly after arriving in Pattaya.

There can be up to five full time staff working in this busy bar, who will be delighted to see their regular customers and new faces too.

The venue has four rooms to rent, so you could stay here and enjoy a short break in Pattaya or ask for a room if you simply have an urge to spend the night in the city. Ask at the bar for details of rooms and prices.

The Bar

When open for business, the bar offers customers a spacious open front to sit and enjoy the happenings along Soi Bumpy. Why is it known as Soi Bumpy you may ask? Drive along this street and you will soon find out but to be fair, the bumps and holes add to its attraction.

There is ample seating at the entrance for around 16 people, which is great for those who enjoy the cooler night air or sitting in the sun during the daytime.

Inside there is a large dark wood bar, with barstools available if this is your seating preference. Further stools can be found around the interior, bringing the capacity close to forty.

The owners describe the venue as a "typically Aussie bar", which suggest that it is a fun place to have a drink and meet new people from around the world.

For entertainment they have two televisions displaying YouTube classic music videos.

On the walls you will find various pictures relating to Anzac Day, a time when Australians and New Zealanders pay homage to those who fought and lost their lives in various wars.

The Drinks

The bar is large and well stocked with drinks. You will find a range of whiskies, such as 100 Pipers, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam and local brands such as Blend. Vodkas, rums, gins, liqueurs, shots and wines are all available.

Beers such as Chang, Leo and Singha are served ice cold and for the non drinkers, you can enjoy one of their soft drinks on offer.


This is a bar that is very popular with expats. It is a fun friendly venue where you can take life as easy as you like of have a laugh and a good time with the customers and staff.

Well worth a visit.

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