Bone Pattaya customers will be amazed at the clubs spacious and modern layout.

The Layout

A unique design to the exterior provides a futuristic appearance which is unlike any other nightclub in Pattaya.
A total capacity of 3500 people makes it the biggest club in Pattaya and with plans to expand the total limit to 4500 people its going to be MASSIVE!!!


In addition to the in-house band who will provide the entertainment during the week, Bone Pattaya also have plans to host special one-off events with Thailand's biggest stars. The manager informed us that Asia’s top DJ’s have been invited and many have confirmed they will be featuring at the club during 2016.  Exciting stuff. Furthermore, they also have plans to invite many of Europe's TOP DJ’s to feature at the club too! So, watch this space for their upcoming events!


Bone Pattaya have a massive club space but the most noteworthy feature is the lighting and sound system. It will simply amaze you!. Wow, It’s like a scaled down version of a world class production! Customers can enjoy drinking and partying in an atmosphere much like what you’d expect from some of the biggest concerts and clubs around.


Another thing to mention about Bone Pattaya is the fact they serve some really tasty snacks. As a result, they have already established a reputation for cooking up some of the best chicken wings in town. Check out their Facebook page for comments....

VIP Seating

Bone Pattaya is a new and exciting club, therefore it’s advisable to phone early and secure your table if you want VIP Seating. As a result of the clubs popularity, most tables are booked way in advance hence the need to book early.

If you've not been to a Thai nightclub before, nows your chance to pop that cherry. Bone will certainly not disappoint. It provides top class entertainment, is fully air conditioned and FREE Wi-Fi is available for all customers to use.

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