No matter what you’re searching for in Pattaya, chances are you will find it at Bulldog Bar.

We have it all!

If you are looking for a delicious beer or maybe a tray of shots, you should definitely drop on into Bulldog Bar. Whether you are in search of some amazing tunes, a cold drink and a place to relax or new friends, Bulldog bar should be a stop on your list. With a service staff that is ready to re-serve you when the ice hits the glass, everything is set up for you to fully enjoy your evening out.


From the warm cozy lighting to the fancy and comfortable leather sofas, it is the perfect place to settle in for the evening with some of their lovely ladies and forget about the worries of the day.

Soi 6

Bulldog Bar is located about a quarter of the way down Soi 6 from the 2nd Rd. entrance on the right hand side of the Soi. It is directly between The Offshore Bar and Roxy Club.

Busy Soi Life

If you are a people watcher, feel free to have a seat with a drink of your choosing in the front of the bar surrounded by the busy Soi life, or come on inside where it is cooler and a little less glaring than the oppressive sun outside.

Now that you have officially added Bulldog Bar to your next evening out, spread the word so that others don’t miss out one of the most relaxing establishments on the Soi.

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