When you’re told about this must try amazing restaurant up on Pratumnak Hill near Cosy Beach with delicious food, dancing and singing staff and a larger than life 2 Star Michelin Chef with nearly four decades of culinary and travel experience you are well advised to pay attention!

Comfort by Harlan is a truly entertaining dining experience set in a unique colourfully designed restaurant. As you enter you will be taken care of by very happy and well-trained staff and of course by the self-proclaimed former no.1 international super star chef of Hong Kong, Harlan Goldstein. You will also see that all food is prepared and cooked in front of you, there isn’t a complex kitchen here hidden away from view behind closed doors, you get to see the master in action with his assistants and the smell of the meals cooking is simply magical!

The Menu

Harlan changes the menu on a regular basis and will help you chose the best meal for you. He may also ask you questions whilst videoing you for the restaurant Facebook page, don’t be shy, it’s actually fun and Harlan will make you feel very welcome!

Apart from the occasional rather entertaining singing and dancing staff number, the restaurant has regular quality live music that helps to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for your dining experience, and to accompany your chosen culinary Comfort meal, there is a very good choice of craft beers, excellent wines and freshly prepared cocktails available from the fully stocked bar.


Comfort by Harlan is much more than a restaurant, it’s an expression of life itself with Harlan Goldstein creating marvellous food and unforgettable memories for you to enjoy, again and again. On you first visit you will enter as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend.
Ok, where’s the guest book to sign? Feel free to write in the ladies and gents’ toilets on the wall with the supplied marker pens!

Comfort by Harlan, your new favourite restaurant in the Beverly Hills of Pattaya!

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