Erawadee is one of the largest producers of natural medicines and beauty products found in the
Kingdom of Thailand, Pattaya City, which have been following the traditional Thai medicine
formula. Products of Erawadee are extremely productive and efficient in treating health and skin
related problems since 1997. This traditional Thai medicine factory was established under the
patronage of Her Highness Princess Chulabhorn Walailak of Thailand Kingdom.

Initially having started as a small local pharmacy, Erawadee today, i.e within the span of twenty
years has become one of the leading medicine distributors. Products of Erawadee have become
so popular that they have reached the global online and offline market spreading over eight
different countries.

Erawadee’s growing popularity over the years brings in many tourists to the Pattaya City every
month just to visit the main pharmacy store. Not only tourists but the local of Pattaya also comes
in to visit the store periodically.

The National Thai factory is spread over a sprawling 152,000 square feet area. The contemporary
and fully equipped factory is situated in the Kanchananabury province on the river Kwai- home
to hundreds of thousands of Thaiand 39's herbs and plants.

With more than three hundred employees, tons of herbal medicines, cosmetics, Thai teas, and
personal care products are produced every month. All of the manufactured products are re-
certified and approved every year.

The authentic 3000+ years old recipes used to produce the medicines are fully certified and
approved by the Thai government. No chemicals are used for manufacturing the products. UV
Lamps and only free-range ingredients are used for the manufacturing, thus the products are very
effective and absolutely safe for use. The factory produces more than 152 Organic products
based on Thai Herbs and Plants.

Erawadee has a huge list of Traditional Medicines, Organic Cosmetics, Personal Care products,
Aroma Spa products and collections of Thai teas’.

Mentioned below are few of the products of Erawadee-

Traditional Medicines- Ya Bam Rung Rang Kai, Haam (High Blood Pressure Treatment and
Blood Vessels, Thao Wan Peing Joint Treatment, Peth Sang Kart (Varicose Veins and
Hemorrhoids Treatment), Prik Thai Dam (Fat Burn), Rang Jued (Anti-Poison Medication) and
many more products for treating various problems.

Organic Cosmetics- Anti Aging Collagen Cream, Day Snail Cream with Grape Seeds,
Detoxifying Gold Mask, Aloe Vera After Sun Gel, Organic Silk Cocoons Facial Wash Original,
Tanaka Face Mask and many more.

Personal Care- Herbal Toothpaste with Mangosteen, Organic Soap Original, Organic Silk
Cocoons Facial Wash Original, Foot and Joint Cream, etc.

Aroma Spa- Massage Oil Lemongrass, Massage Oil Noni, Aroma Oil Ylang Ylang, Aroma Oil
Eucalyptus, Aroma Oil Lotos, etc.

Thai Tea- Centella Herbal Tea (Skin Improvement), Maroom Herbal Tea (Vitamins, Macro and
Micro Elements), Lingzhi Herbal Tea (Ultimate Health Improvement), Rang Jued Herbal Tea
(Any Toxins Release), Senna Leaves Herbal Tea (Digestive System Treatment), Haam Herbal
Tea (High Pressure and Treats Hypertension), Dee Bourr Herbal Tea (Prevention of
Cardiovascular Diseases) and for several other Thai tea products.

One of the most trusted brands of Thailand, Erawadee believes to deliver only the best to their
customers which keep growing every day.

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