Flyboarding is the latest entry in extreme water sports insanity at Flyboard Station Pattaya. Invented by water sports enthusiast and all-round maniac Frenchman Frank Zapata back in 2012 the flyboard is popular with thrill seekers all over the world.

Unique Experience

LOVEPATTAYA is proud to announce that you too can now give it a go! For those brave and bold enough, this is a truly unique experience unlike any other, bought to you by “Flyboard Station Pattaya”

It is Quite Simple

The way it works it quite simple; your feet are strapped down into a board similar to a snowboard. There is a water jet similar to what you would find on a jet ski which provides your upward thrust. The water flowing through said jet is supplied by a length of flexible tubing which stays below the water line, ensuring a constant flow of water passing through the jet.

Controlling this beast is a simple matter of adjusting the thrust coming out of the jet nozzles allowing you to control your steering. Simple…

LOVEPATTAYA have been assured by our friends over at Flyboard station Pattaya that it is easy to get the hang of and a lot simpler to control than it sounds.

Once you have the general controls sussed and you feel confident you can truly enjoy the incredible feeling. As close to flying as you can get, hovering up to 30ft above the water this is an unforgettable experience!

To get in touch with the guys at Flyboard Pattaya check out their website you can book a session online where the guys will come and pick you up and take you to that day’s location (Sometimes the beach, sometimes one of the lakes).

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