Foxy Bar, also known as Foxys Bar; due to the old habit of Thais erecting misspelled English signs has been around a long time.

Nightwish Group

Over the years the bar became a shabby and little visited location giving way to the many other bars of its kind on Soi 6 and it would have probably faded into the abbess had it not been for the keen eye and entrepreneurial skills of the ever growing Nightwish Group who saw its potential and in January 2016 bought up the property and set about adding their magic touch, a magic that has proved highly successful with their previous 8 ventures into the night club scene in Pattaya.


Foxy Bar has been renovated, redesigned and reopened and on the 28th September 2016 there were no signs of its former dilapidated self but instead a 21st century new neon festival of sound, light, sexy ladies and, well… sexy surroundings.

Many customers have commented on the venue, making it quite clear that they love the place and that the girls are friendly and fun and the outfits they wear are sure to raise a… smile.


Foxy Bar has already started making a good name for itself and has staged several exciting special event nights including Lord of the Strings, The Virgins Party and the Cops and Robbers Party which were a great success and there a more fun events to follow.

It is predicted that Foxy Bar will soon become one of the must go to venues on Soi 6 and if you check out their Facebook page you will defiantly see why.

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