Soi 18 in Pattaya Naklua, is the location of this tattoo artist's shop. It is owned by Pon, who comes from Roi Et.

Pon has lived in Pattaya since 2006, opening this venue back in 2012. He employs five staff at this busy location.


This venue features green painted walls with a black and white tiled floor. You will see a laptop resting on a computer desk, which is used for Googling for ideas or for creating something special for you in the form or skin art.

There are shelves which are stacked with accessories or items that are used in the tattoo trade, such as hygiene fluids, gloves, inks and needles.

If you care to step outside, you will see plenty of evidence of what Pon and his team can provide to their customer base. The windows are full of images, displaying tattoos created here over the years,many of which are classic examples of fine artwork, transferred to the skin.

The Tattoos

Pon can display many samples of his work including full sleeves in a tribal style, which of course is created using black ink only.

You will see colourful dragons, amazing examples created on people's backs and torso, flowers, crocodiles, tigers, old school subjects like anchors an chains to name a few of the samples available.

Check his artwork, which is all hand drawn, for you may wish Pon or one of the team to design something unique for you.

Dark horror themed tattoos, a woman with a wolf's head overlaying hers, another with a red Indian headdress, a Viking with his horned helmet, serpents with razor sharp teeth, detailed and colourful fish, are amongst items on show.

You can elect to have a bamboo tattoo if you wish, which is less painful as the skin is not penetrated as deep as it is with the machine method. There is also less blood, thus the tattoo heals much faster too.

The downside is, a bamboo created masterpiece, will fade faster than that created with the gun.

But it is horses for courses. Some tattoos like those you see Buddhist Monks carrying out, as well suited for the bamboo style but the machine is better for detailed and coloured designs.

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