Generation Tattoo Studio in Pattaya City Thailand

About the memorable tattoo made in Pattaya? Choose the best studio and tattoo artist with us
Some people consider tattoos as the above-ground storytelling on the skin. Other ones prefer to equate the tattoos on the body with the marriage - both variants are really lifelong. One way or another, everyone (all those who wants the first tattoo to be done or dreams about the twenty-first picture on his skin) are sure that the body should be confided in most to the best tattoo artist.


The tourists very often desire to make tattoo in the resort cities they visit. It is the great idea to save the memorials about the unforgettable trip and, as it is said, taste the blood. One of the most famous and highly visited resort in Thailand is the city of Pattaya. Millions of tourists come to the city every year to chill, relax and have a great time. Some of the travelers have already come with some ideas for making tattoos:

  • They have the concept and search for the master that is able to realize some the gleam in eyes perfectly;
  • Some of them even have the sketches of their ideal tattoo;
  • And some kind of Pattaya guests venture upon a new step only in Thailand and want to bring their plan into life.

But how to find the brilliant tattoo artist, the wonderful artist and the safe place for improvisations in one? These are the unknown country, the Thai spoken people around – how to make a choice correctly and recon on the reliable Thailand artists?

The useful tips for Pattaya guests – do not refuse the idea of tattooing

If you came to Thailand with the desire to make up tattoo, the best variant would be to find the safest studio with the skilled masters. The necessity of the professionalism and the tattoo-parlor clearness are indisputable. Nobody wants to come back home with the acquired disease or simply with poor done tattoo picture. So follow the main rules for searching the best studio and the tattooing artist:

  1. Having come to some Pattaya tattoo studio, look round and check the level of the clearness, ask the master about the ways of the treatment of all the tools;
  2. Try to make a conversation about your ideal tattoo with the master and see, if the specialist understands your idea – often Thai tattoo artist do not speak English at all;
  3. If the tattoo artist assures you that he got the idea of the picture you told, ask him to paint it on the paper. Sometimes Thai masters depict poorly because of the language barrier with the consumers.

There is one place for tattoo lovers in Pattaya where all the useful features of the perfect tattoo-parlor rolled in a one. The only recommendation for the visitors of Thailand – to opt for the studio Generation Tattoo Pattaya Thailand.

The advantages of the tattoo-parlor with the European artist

Generation Tattoo Pattaya Thailand is the uniquely designed studio in Pattaya where the mastery reigns. All the tattoo-makers speak English that is very helpful for international clients. Russian and Thai are also spoken fluently for the high level comfort of all the visitors. Much attention is given to the tattoo equipment sterilization – so the safety is guaranteed in full.

Vyacheslav Kolesnik, the founder of the studio, is skilled Moscow tattoo artistr that is meant as the gifted artist – he is able to bring into life the extraordinary ideas and realize the fantastic sketches perfectly. As the phrase goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. So it is high time to visit the web site of the professional tattoo studio in Pattaya Here the additional information about the artist and parlor could be found. It is possible to get in contact with the studio representatives with help of the social networks or calling +66926733989.

Bring round not only the souvenirs – take home the memory for years to come!

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