If we were to suggest that you go to Pattaya's infamous entertainment zone "Walking Street" to buy some jewellery, you would probably consider us to be slightly mad. But in this instance, that is what we are suggesting.

This family run business has been there since 1993, suggesting that people do actually go to the popular night time venue and purchase gold, trinkets and gems or sell their own gold.

With six full time staff available to assist customers, there must be an abundance of trade passing in and out of this shop.

The employees have all been specifically trained in all things that relate to gold and other items sold within the premises, meaning they know what they are talking about and can relate to any queries you may have.

The Venue & Sales

The shop is longer than it is wide, with glass cabinets lining the walls leaving a gap for customers to walk along and browse the items for sale. There is also cabinets on one of the walls, displaying a range of ornamental objects, such as daggers, porcelain and carved items.

The decor is mainly grey, with sunken ceiling lights providing the ambience and atmosphere for the venue. There are small spotlights pointing downwards, assisting with displays too.

The air conditioned venue plays home to a wide range of desirable items, which your Thai partner would love to own, if you are in a generous mood.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chains and numerous other shiny objects can be found in the cabinets.

Elegant watches for both ladies and men in all shapes, sizes and styles including pocket watches are carefully laid out in the display units.

Precious stones embedded in gold or silver rings or other amulets, anklets, bangles, broaches and cufflinks are on show for you to peruse at your leisure.

The range is substantial and not only do they sell valuable and affordable jewellery but they also buy, repair and make to order any item you care to mention.


A family run business that is obviously enjoying a fair bit of success and one worth checking out, if you are in the market for something to wear as body decoration.

Go in and have a look and you may just find an item that meets with your requirements.

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