This Rompho based bar is often the butt of many jokes as people will often ask "what is the name of the bar?". But it's name also gives it a lot of attention as people see it above the venue.

It is owned by Tawan from Chonburi, who has called Pattaya her home since 2012, opening the bar around 2015. She employs eight members of staff to take care of their customers, who predominantly are expats or tourists who have discovered the Rompho Complex.

Rompho is a market place with over 40 bars, restaurants, tattoo shops, salons, barbers, massage shops and many other businesses. It is a ten minute walk to the stunning Jomtien Beach.

The complex has it's own car parks with plenty of spaces available.

The Bar

So what about Have Name Bar - what has it to offer its visitors?

Firstly the venue is open on three sides, with outside seating being one of its attractions. It's large wooden all weather tables provides excellent views around the other bars in the area.

Inside they have free to play pool table, which falls in line with all the other bars in the complex. No need to pay to play pool at Rompho.

A television displays cable TV programs or music videos for your entertainment as you are kept cool by the fans situated around the premises.

There is additional seating inside including stools at the bar, for those who like to chat to the staff.

The service area follows the hard wood styling of the tables, running the length of the back wall.

This spacious bar can cater for around 50 customers at any given time and provides a friendly service from the ladies who are employed here.

The Drinks

Oddly enough, the drinks have names too. Chang, Tiger, Singha and Leo are amongst the brands available.

Whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums, liqueurs, shots and wines can all be purchased from the well stocked bar.

Not drinking? Then enjoy a cold soft drink from one of their selection.


Most bars in Rompho are full of fun loving girls, who like nothing more than to have a laugh with their customers.

Like the others, they will throw parties for people's birthdays and these can be wonderful events to attend.

But if you just fancy a quiet drink, you can also pop in, sit down, browse the internet, chat to the ladies and relax.

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