Jungle Bar is located on the very popular Soi 6, which runs from Pattaya Second Road down to Beach Road. It is a hive of activity, with bars galore, restaurants, hotels, apartments, massage shops and so much more.


Jungle Bar is owned by Netty, who originally comes from Udon Thani in the north east of Thailand, close to the border with Laos. She has called Pattaya home for many years. The bar opened back in 2013 but changed its name to Jungle Bar in January, 2017.

The Venue

The bar seats around 30 customers with stools along the bench styled tables at the front of the bar, affording customers a view of what is going on in Soi 6. The interior features a pool table to the left and the bar area to the right. There are two poles for anyone to use, if they fancy themselves as a pole dancer. The floor is covered with large black tiles, with the walls having a wooden effect finish. One of the walls has a large mural painting, featuring a bear, gorilla and Jane, the girlfriend of Tarzan. Two TVs show a variety of sport or music videos for customer entertainment or background music. There are a number of fans to keep the customers cool.


At Jungle Bar you can purchase an array of beers, wines, spirits, shots, soft drinks or teas and coffees. They also sell cans of cider such as Black Rat and a few cocktails. One of those cocktails is known affectionately as "Jungle Juice", which is there own concoction. The venue has a unique "horn". When utilised, the sound of Tarzan wailing as he flies through the jungle can be heard for some distance along Soi 6. But beware, if you sound the horn, you must buy all the ladies who work in the bar a drink. There is of course the standard bell, which if rung, you buy everyone a drink.


As you would expect in a bar in Pattaya, the girls will welcome you with a smile, take your order and deliver your drinks to you and are happy to sit and talk with their customers. Lady drinks are always welcome.

Additional Information

The bar does a special every Sunday from 18:00, where they offer customers free food and shots. Parking is available in the street for motorbikes and the odd car.


Jungle Bar is a fun bar and is located in one of the best streets in the city. Soi 6 is one of those places you could spend a week in and still not see it all. The bar has much to offer including many sexy ladies just waiting on you to pay them a visit.

Give Jungle Bar a try. Their pleasant and friendly staff just might make your day.

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