Pattaya attracts Indian tourists in their thousands, which is one of the reasons the city has so many Indian restaurants. Of course you do not need to be from India to enjoy quality food and good music.

This is a venue where everyone is welcome, not only to their fine restaurant, offering a taste of Indian cuisine but to their dance club, which delivers something special to its guests.

It is located on Soi 13/4 which connects Second Road to the city's beach and is a stone's throw from the vibrant Walking Street, where you will find a wealth of adult entertainment in the evenings under the neon lights.

The Venue

As mentioned above, you could enjoy a tasty meal before heading into the dance area.

The air conditioned club has a stage, which is a white platform, illuminated from above, to highlight the ladies as they proudly perform their routines.

Crimson is the main colour theme, in this classy venue, with seating being supplied either in the form of tables and chairs or by larger sofa styled seating, adding further elegance to the venue.

The lighting is superb and really highlights those on stage.

The Dancers

The first thing you should be aware of is that this is not a Go-Go style venue. The dancers here are dressed in traditional Indian attire. The costumes are colourful as blues, pinks, reds and greens mix with the ambience of the lighting to provide a tasteful show.

The dresses are intricate in design, using stylish clothes, which flow as they move around the stage in a graceful manner.

This venue offers the citizens and tourists to the city, something different from the more common Go-Go clubs. It is something that you should try for you maybe surprised at how much you enjoy the shows.

Drinks & Food

You will find all the well known bottled beers available here along with a good range of spirits, wines and soft drinks.

The food items are covered in a separate write up for the restaurant but it is fair to say that they have a very good selection to choose from.

Opening Times

The dancers are on stage every night from 21:00 onwards but the restaurant is open from 11:00 till 03:00


Stylish venue, elegant dancers, traditional costumes and its completely free to enter. What more could you ask for?

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