Pincansao Bar venue sits on Soi 17, which connects Threpprasit Road to the Rompho Market Complex in the Jomtien area of the city. In reality it is part of Rompho, sitting right at the back next to a large buffet venue.

It is owned by Khoonakhon and other family members since 2012. They employ up to forty members of staff, depending on time of year and what events they are hosting.

The Venue

This Thai disco and live music premises can hold up to 300 customers making it one of the largest venues in Jomtien and possibly Pattaya too.

From the outside, it is deceiving in size for it looks small in comparison to the extent of the spaciousness indoors. The name of the venue is written in Thai, as 80% of their customer are Thai nationals.

Once inside, the place opens up and features a huge hall, filled with wooden tables and chairs, which are lined up and down the venue.

Therei s a stage, which is vast and capable of hosting even the biggest of bands or groups with plenty of room for artists to move around. Of course such a venue is expected to have stage lighting and this one has coloured lights to help illuminate the singers etc.

Additionally the stage are carries a range of neon style adverts for various drinks on sale in the venue. It is on two levels, with the drummer elevated towards the rear and an area where the singers or dancers can perform below in front of the speakers.


Almost all the music and dance is Thai or Isan based. You can enjoy live bands, singers and dancers. They playing all the popular songs that the Thai ladies love to dance along to.

Even foreigners can enjoy the music for much of it is catchy, with choruses that are not hard to learn, even with no knowledge of the local language.

Food And Drink

Pincansao Bar often have a range of Thai food, the good old spicy stuff that the locals enjoy. The drinks are all the favourite bottled beers and spirits, wines or soft drinks .

Generally they have promotional drinks on offer for the first three hours after opening. Best is to check with the venue as these are subject to change.


Pincansao Bar is a great way to conclude a night out in Rompho or Jomtien. Start your evening in the many bars in the complex and end in this hub of local entertainment.

Everyone is given a warm welcome here, irrespective of nationality.

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