The Robins Nest restaurant is located in the popular Soi Diana area of Pattaya and owned and managed by 3 Brits and an Aussie who have been working and living in Thailand for a collective 65 years!

Family Atmosphere

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t matter how adventurous you are it’s always nice to come back to the nest and settle down to a familiar atmosphere with great food and friendly people and that’s exactly what Robins Nest Restaurant has to offer.

The Owners

Steve is an experienced international chief with 20 plus years of working, managing and consulting restaurants in Thailand. He heads the kitchen to create a great and varied menu.

Peter Hutchinson, an Aussie among the poms is Robins Nest’s general manager. He takes care of the day-to-day running of the place. If theres ever a problem, he’s the guy that’ll fix it!

And then there’s Dave and Dez who stay behind the scenes and are both highly respected businessmen with networks in Pattaya.

The Food

The Robins Nest restaurant leaves nothing behind, breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have it covered. Starting at breakfast with a menu that would leave no westerner unsatisfied. There is just about every combination of breakfast you could think of and the most expensive breakfast (at the time of writing) will cost a whopping 135 Baht.

And for the rest of the day, well there are homemade pies a selection of great sandwiches a char-grill, and just about everything to satisfy the western palette. But let’s not forget the Mexican dishes and the delicious Thai dishes with the most expensive dish on the menu being the 200g Minute Tenderloin Steak with mushrooms, tomatoes, chips & peas at just 360 Baht.

And to wash it all down, well, the drinks menu is, to say the least, extensive and inexpensive, just how the The Robins Nest like it!

Sports & Holiday's

The Robins Nest is also a great place to watch just about every sport there is, Formula One, cricket, rugby, football… and the list goes on…

Robins Nest restaurant is also known for celebrating just about every holiday to the max and there are a lot of holidays in Thailand.

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