This food business is owned by Simon and Manerat, with the lady of the business coming from Surin. Together they opened the venture in 2013, employing four staff in the process.

It is located in the "dark side" of town in Pornprapanimit Road, not far from the Planet Football centre. You will find a golf driving range, small market stalls, convenience stores and a few small business ventures in this residential area of the city.

What's On Offer

This air conditioned shop features shelves and refrigerators stocked with items you would commonly see in in the shops of the UK.

The sign at the entrance, with its Union Jack background leaves you in no doubt what they sell as they inform you that this is a UK grocery store.

Take a walk in and check out the many items you may have thought you would never see again, if living in Pattaya as an expat.

They have everything you can think off with the likes of Bassetts All Sorts, Pear Drops, Chocolate Limes, Starbursts, Wotsits, Walker's Crisps and Quavers from a large selection of confectionery products. They also carry those family packs of Wispas, Topics, Lion Bars, Flakes and Fudge as the list goes on and on.

Don't forget the Cadbury's Chocolate, Malteasers, Yorkies, Areos and Ripples too.

Cornflakes, Weet-a-Bix, Ginger Nuts, Digestive Biscuits, Jammy Dodgers can also be purchased here.

Fancy some canned soup? Well they offer a good range of Heinz flavours such as Potato and Leek, Lentil, Oxtail, Tomato and Cream of Chicken.

Staying with Heinz, you can buy Spaghetti Bolognaise and Baked Beans.

Hot Dogs, tins of potatoes, Rice Pudding, Custards, Tinned Fruits, Robinson's Orange Juice and cans of popular fizzy drinks that we all miss so much.

You will find all your favourite sauces and pickles, Oxo Cubes, Gravy Mixes, Pot Noodles, Tea Bags and Coffee on shelves that are stacked high with quality foods.

Now we must mention the range of Bacon, Frozen Fish, Steaks, pre-packed meals ready to heat up, Pies, Chinese and Indian meals ready to go and so much more.

The selection is vast and well worth a look. We simply cannot cover all their products so check them out and see for yourself, what they have in store.


This is an expats dream shop. It has all the food you desire but cannot find in the run of the mill shops and stores in Pattaya.

The range is massive, meaning you are bound to find some product that you miss from Home.

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