This popular massage parlour is located on Soi Diana, one of the busiest streets in the city, due to people traversing its length to get to either Soi Buakhao or the Go-Go area known as LK Metro.

Soi Diana features scores of businesses from hotels, to excellent restaurants and tattoo shops. It is also laden with street vendors, selling a range of Thai food or western burgers and of course the bars are never far away.

Siamese Massage picks up many customers from the vast amount of passing trade.

The business opened in 2010 and is owned by Pim, who moved to Pattaya from Uttaradit, which is in the North East of Thailand, on the border with Laos.

The Shop

Siamese Massage employs seven fully trained masseuses, who are generally busy with their many customers.

The have a range of chairs for foot and face massages and tables for customers to lie down in order to receive a full body treatment.

The decor is a sort of wood effect on the walls, with paintings hanging to break up the simplicity. Air conditioning is provided so customers are always kept cool at the venue.

Customers can look in to see how busy it is, for the entire front is glass, with a range of services and prices listed on the door.

The girls are smartly dressed in their company T-shirts and have a welcoming personality.


A massage is one of those things that should be on your agenda if you are a visitor to Pattaya. They offer the best services and at very low prices, making it a cheap way to spend an hour or two being pampered.

Some people have a massage for relaxation purposes, while others may have back pain or aching feet and search for a solution. Some treatments are good for speeding up the healing process of a muscle injury, whilst others are a fantastic way to relieve tension and stress or improve blood flow and even help you sleep better.

Here you can choose from the ever popular Thai massage, which uses ancient and trusted practises, consisting of acupressure and pulling and stretching of limbs and muscles by the masseuse. You will be amazed as the girls use every part of their anatomy to pull and push you into a variety of positions, as they deliver this treatment.

The Thai massage permits you to remain fully clothed but many others such as the popular oil massage, require that the client strips off. Your dignity is covered by a towel as the masseuse uses her hands to manipulate each muscle, delivering the ultimate in relaxation.

The body scrub is similar, apart from the oil is mixed with a substance such as salt or sugar to provide roughness. As the oil is massaged into your skin, it exfoliates, removing dead skin, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

If you wish to relieve tension, try a head and shoulder treatment, wonderful for easing stress.

Other services on offer are manicures, pedicures, heel scrubs, aroma massage and a few others.


A small venue that offer a big service. They have the experience and the facilities to deliver an excellent service, which may result in you returning on a regular basis. Try a massage and see the benefits that come hand in hand with these treatments.

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