Siri Massage can be found on Second Road, close to the junction with Soi 4. In this area, there are numerous businesses, such as pharmacies, money exchange shops, convenience stores, restaurants and much more.

Second Road is quieter in this stretch but still offers access to the beach and a number of quality hotels and of course the many bars.


Porn arrived from Kalasin in 2008, which is in the north east of Thailand. She opened the business in the same year and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The business is popular with locals, expats and tourists alike.

The Venue

When you enter the parlour, you will find a number of reclining chairs and beds, which are utilised for a variety of massage styles and treatments.

The ten or so staff here are all fully trained in their field of expertise. They can offer advice on which therapy is best suited to meet your requirements.


Before you commence any massage treatment, you should let the therapist know of any problems you have with joints or back issues for instance, so that they can either adapt the treatment to suit or indeed avoid putting pressure on that particular area.

At Siri Massage, they offer a range of massages, meaning they should have every angle covered.

Oil Massage

An oil massage is popular with both men and woman and involves removing of your clothing as the masseuse requires full access to your limbs and muscles.

This is an extremely relaxing experience and one that people should have as often as possibly. There are no shortage of places where one can obtain this chilling routine, so there really is no reason not to have a regular massage, especially when it is so affordable in Pattaya.

An oil massage is a private process, carried out either in a room or a bed surround by curtains. You will either be completely naked, or if you are easily embarrassed, the staff will provide a towel to hide your dignity. But if you think of the masseuse as a doctor who has seen it all before on a daily basis, you will see there is no need to cover up.

An oil will be selected, for the purpose, which will often be fragrant and have some benefit, depending on the customers requirements. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, they may select a particular oil.

You will then be asked to lie face down on the mat or bed before the treatment commences. His or her hands will glide smoothly over your muscles, as they knead and manipulate each and every part of the body. The feeling is incredibly relaxing and at times you may feel like nodding off. You will be rolled over as the practice begins all over again on your front.

Overall, your legs, arms, buttocks, back, chest and even your feet will be massaged by expert hands in what is an exhilarating experience.

If you have never had an oil massage then you must make the effort to try it at least once.

Body Scrub

The body scrub is more for the ladies. It is very similar to the oil massage in that oils are used and the muscles and limbs are manipulated in the same way. The main difference with the body scrub is that they add an additional ingredient such as sugar or salt, which scrubs the skin as the masseuse goes about their routine.

The body is cleansed of dead skin and exfoliated, leaving you feeling fresh and vibrant.

The ladies adore this massage for they leaving feeling blissful and rejuvenated after an hour of two.

Other Massages

There are too many treatments to cover in one article but effectively you can enjoy a traditional Thai massage, something everyone should try at least once in their visit to Pattaya. Maybe a relaxing foot massage or a head, neck and shoulder treatment may suffice.

Simply look at the menu at Siri and select your preferred treatment, lie back and enjoy.


Thailand is famous for its massage services and you will find Siri to be a good choice to undergo a treatment. It is entirely possible that you could return on a regular basis. Pop in and try for yourself.

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