This massage shop is located in Jomtien's Soi 7, a very popular street in the area due to its many small bars, apartments and hotels. Of course you will find street vendors, cafes, tourist shops and plenty of other businesses, which service this area.

The business is owned by Pet, who moved from Kanchanaburi, a province that sits north-east of the capital city of Bangkok.

Massage services have been offered here since 2008 and it is still going strong.

The Shop

The business employs ten full time staff to take care of its customers who attend and make use of the eight massage chairs and nine beds.

As you wander towards the shop you will notice its pink and yellow signage, which is written in both English and Russian. Greyish marbled steps lead you to the glass front, where you will see details of prices and services on the windows.

The inside is a bright affair with greys and whites being the main colours used. The foot massage chairs are line up neatly along either side, leaving a path for staff and customers to make their way between.

The air conditioned venue also has wall mounted fans to assist in the cooling of the premises.

Towards the rear, you will see a reception area and furniture, where clean towels and oils are stored.

Each bed has its own fan and privacy curtains to ensure solitude and coolness during your treatment.


The ladies here provide you with all the expected massages that Pattaya is known for. They are dressed in traditional Thai massage uniforms and all experienced and trained to a high standard.

They offer the Thai massage, which is based on yoga and the girl's ability to manoeuvrer you into a range of positions, using her hands, elbows, legs, knees and feet. You will be amazed how strong they appear as they use various techniques to stretch your limbs to the limits. This one is carried out fully clothed as there are no oils used.

Oil based massages are to die for. They are so relaxing you may find it difficult to remain awake. You strip off for this one as the masseuse rubs oil into your skin, gently rubbing, kneading and tapping as she goes. It is a sensational experience in the right hands.

Foot massages are popular here, again mainly because they are relaxing but also ease aches and pains.

You could try a head and shoulder treatment, which is a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Or if you have been in the sun too long, enjoy a soothing aloe vera treatment, which will ease the pain and prevent further damage to your skin.


A modern setting but with traditional skills on offer, delivering a service that Pattaya is famous for. If you have never enjoyed a massage in the city, you really must try one.

It is cheap and a great way to pass a few hours.

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