Feeling low and maybe in need of a little sunshine in your life, then why not let the girls who work at this Naklua based massage shop, give you a lift, with a refreshing massage.

Owned by New, from Surin, this shop offers treatments that are sure to perk you up as New and her staff, deliver exhilarating massages just for you.

The business has been on the go since 2008, with the current owner taking over the ropes in 2009.

She employs seven full time staff, who will welcome you with those famous words "maassaaaage" as you approach the venue. So pop in and enjoy the services on offer at Sunshine Massage.

The Shop

The menu on the exterior wall suggests that their main customer base is Russian, judging by the sign at least. But that does not mean that they cater only for the Russian market. Far from it in fact.

Step inside and make your way to the reception, where you can discuss the treatment you require along with the associated cost involved.

The venue is adorned with stylish wallpaper and features six white leather foot massage chairs in this area of the shop.

A black sofa is available for waiting customers to make use of and the obligatory air conditioning, provides you with a cool environment.

There are ten beds in total, all fitted with draw around curtains for your privacy.

The Massages

You can enjoy a range of massage services at Sunshine. From the relaxing foot massage, designed to ease the aches and pains of a long day standing or walking around Pattaya's shops or tourist attractions.

The Thai massage, where your limbs and body parts will be stretched to their limits by the ladies, who will use their arms, legs, hands and feet to pull, push and drag you into unusual yoga positions. She may even walk on your back, if you are lucky.

An oil based treatment is something you simply have to try at least once. This sensational massage is the bees knees as the girl rubs oil into your skin with gliding hands that will knead, run and tap each and every muscle in turn. It is an awesome experience in the right hands.

The body scrub is similar but will exfoliate as the masseuse massages you, for it has an abrasive ingredient to remove dead skin and leave you feeling refreshed. A good one that the ladies love.

There are others like the aloe vera treatment for sunburn, which will ease the pain and prevent further skin damage or a relaxing head and shoulder treatment.

Opening Hours

One of the seven masseuses will take you to heaven with a fantastic treatment between 10:00 and 22:30 any day of the week.


Anyone visiting or living in this city should enjoy a massage just for the pleasure of it, at least once.

If you have a specific problem, a massage will certainly ease pain and speed up the healing process of an injured muscle.

Speak to the team here and see what they can do for you.

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