The Million Years Stone Park  Crocodile Farm Pattaya was founded by Khun Suan Phanomwattanaku in 1989. Khun Suan dedicated 3 years of his life constructing the park. Finally on 1 February 1992, The Park opened its doors to the general public for the first time.


Located on a 70 acre plot, the park is just a 15 minute drive from Pattaya which makes it the perfect destination for a family day trip.

Crocodile Show

The centerpiece of the park is the crocodile show which simply is breathtaking and not for the faint hearted. If you’re feeling particularly brave or just plain mad, you can have your picture taken while sitting on top off a crocodile for 200 baht. Alternatively you feed the crocs whole chickens at the cost of 100 baht a go.


Inside Million Years Stone Park Crocodile Farm Pattaya you can have your photo taken sitting next to tigers and a menagerie of other animals found in the parks small zoo. There is also the usual animal feeding sessions with the likes of elephants and giraffes.

Popular Attraction

The elephants at Million Years Stone Park are very popular amongst the tourists, being able to get up so close to these impressive beasts is a bucket list experience in itself. The rolling gardens and creative landscaping of the park are stunningly beautiful and well thought out.

The Complex

The size of the complex is just enough that you won’t spend your whole day trekking from attraction to attraction. To see the whole place will take you between 2-4hours. There are plenty of shaded areas and places to sit and relax so The Million Years Stone Park is a great place to visit at anytime of day!

Come on down to where the wild things are!

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