The Offshore Bar, unlike the other 8 bars owned by the Night Wish Group is an enclosed and intimate club; in the old school classic tradition and is one of the few remaining of its kind, which is a good enough reason in itself to check it out.

Night Wish Group

The closed bar venues often deter customers from going inside but you can be assured that if it is owned by the Night Wish Group you’ll be safe, have lots of fun and you can let your hair down away from the prying eyes of the passing public.

Also to make you feel more comfortable the manager of the Offshore Bar is Bruce a fun fella and also a ‘farang’ (white foreigner)

Outside area

But if you’re still not sure, there is a sizable outside area where you can relax with the many regulars who’ll assure you that you don’t want to miss the party inside.

The Offshore Bar has become a very popular venue for parties and events and even though there are only a few girls dancing there, they are, without doubt, the pick of the litter; great company and very friendly.

The Offshore Bar – Intimate Friendly and Fun

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