That famous saying often uttered by the ladies of Pattaya "Up to you". It may be the first time you have seen it used in a business name but it is unlikely to be the last.

It fits well with this tattoo studio for - at the end of the day - it really is Up 2 U what artwork adorns your body when you visit this venue.

The shop can be found in Tipp Plaza, a shopping location that connects Beach Road with Second Road. It has many tattoo studios, some of which relocated here from Art Street, which was a small alley, containing nothing but Tattooists and artist, many of which were some of Thailand's best.

The Studio

This shop is something else. Inside you will discover a replica of the golden head of Tutankhamun and two of his guards. The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh is part of the decor and sits proudly above the computer and printer. It is not a drawing but a full blown wall piece and two figures, filling an entire wall.

Also check out the classic car and red telephone box at the entrance of the premises - again worth a look.

There are images of tattoos that have been designed and created for people, some are in photos others are framed on the walls or in a catalogue for you to browse through.

Everywhere you look, there is something that attracts your attention in this building. It truly is an inspiring setting to have a tattoo applied to your skin. It is a gold mine of collectable items from around the world, many of which would not look out of place in a museum.

The Tattoos

Ju is a highly experienced artist and tattooist and has enough evidence in the shop to prove they are worthy of a visit from you. The portrait work is nothing short of superb. Take an image in of a family member or your idol and have it magically transferred to your skin in stunning style. The ones we looked at were created using only black ink, with shades and shadows being used to create incredible facial detail.

Tribal tattoos are popular with many people and again, there is no shortage of designs and evidence at Up 2 U.

From old school to modern styles, Japanese creativity and black ink or colourful new school art, it can all be attained at this studio.

If in doubt, go in and see for yourself what is on offer.


If you wish to have a beautiful tattoo created in a interesting location, then get yourself down to Tipp Plaza on Second Road and check out this studio.

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