Wat Hauy Yai is newly built with Traditional Splendor

Originally built in 1643 it’s hard to believe that Wat Huay Yai was, as little as 10 years ago, in a terrible state of disrepair but it now stands in all its magnificence as a beautiful example of architectural design based on the traditional style.

Its origins began when the local faithful gave their land to build the temple and on the 5 th of May 1702 it received a royal grant.

The temple complex covers almost 30,000 square meters (18 Rai) and around 50 monks live in the complex.

Apart from the beautifully new and gleaming structure the main attraction for the tourist to Wat Huay Yai is the attractively decorated mummified body of master Kaan or Phra Khru Pattarakitwiboon a famed monk in the eastern region and former abbot of the Huay Yai Wat.

Thousands of people flocked to Huay Yai Temple on New Year’s Day (2016). To participate in the “Bangsukul Pen - Bangsukul Tai” ceremony which has been held at Huay Yai Temple for many years but this year was particularly important for people born under Chinese zodiacs considered unlucky in this Year of the Monkey hopping to make merit by paying their respects to Phra Khru Pattarakitwiboon and hoping their visit would change their fortunes and bring them good luck.

You can visit Wat Huay Yai from sun up to 7:00pm admission is free. The Wat is located 15km south of Pattaya, about 20 minutes in a taxi.

Also you will find an interesting local market just outside which is open three days a week.

Please be advised that this is a working Wat and therefore please dress respectfully.


Wat Huay Yai, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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