Making a Will in Thailand

Leaving the world without making a will can leave behind a lot of hassle for the beneficiaries and may end up being a very expensive process.

It is best to take the time and effort to ensure your assets here in Thailand and/or back in the UK are in order.

What will happen to my assets if I do not have a Will?

Firstly it can take more than one year to sort out with the Thai judicial system for a claim to be made.

If you are not married to your Thai partner then they have no rights at all and can leave them in a very vulnerable state.

If you wish to leave your assets to your UK family they will have to come to Thailand and prove they are your next of kin and will of course need to use the services of a Thai lawyer.

This process can take up to 18 months, with many visits to the court and may end up costing more than 50% of your assets not to mention the stress involved.

You assets may be frozen and without resolution through the court system then they may end up as zero, which is unnecessary with a will in place.

Should my Thai partner make a last will & testament?

If your Thai partner is the owner of your assets such as home, car, motorbike and then sadly dies what then?

This is a common occurrence in Thailand, and can be devastating to find that your Thai partner’s family can claim all the assets that you have paid for.

It is far better to take the time and effort involved in making a last will & testament for your partner to make sure this cannot happen to you.

How do I arrange to make a last will & testament?

Love Pattaya Law contact on can arrange this for you. The consultation will include listing your assets and naming the beneficiaries. The will be in a format of English and Thai and can be translated into any other language if needed.

This process normally takes three days once the relevant information has been supplied.

Can a will be changed at any time?

Original identification and signatures are needed before a lawyer will be

needed to make alterations at any time.

What if I have a will in my own country?

A will in your own country will not protect your assets in Thailand, so it is better to arrange this in Thailand.

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  1. kbamfield

    Making a Will is relatively easy. There are 3 major players. The Testator, The Executor, The Beneficiaries.

    Each a Law unto its own and covered by over 60 Thai Law Codes.

    When someone passes away. No one knows what to do and especially as most of the work will be done in Thai.

    This is when you need the only company in Thailand that takes care of all these issues for you. Professionals with contact for the police, morgue, embassy, funeral directors, court probate, translators, repatriation, dealing with next of kin. Have a look for – with international staff.