How many Australian tourist visa’s can my Thai girlfriend have ?

This question comes up often as a high number of Australian sponsor’s do not wish to marry their Thai partner, nor do they like the constant year round hot weather in this part of Thailand.

Australian’s enjoy travelling to Thailand and they are mostly only 6 or 7 hours away. They like to be able to travel without the hassle and red tape involved in getting an Australian partner visa.

So most Australian visitors are coming to visit their girlfriends on average 6 times a year, maybe travelling elsewhere in between times.

So in answer to the question;

How many tourist visa’s can my girlfriend have to Australia ?

Generally it is deemed to be that 9 months in 1 year is more than sufficient on a tourist visa to Australia.

So most Thai applicants wanting their first visa to Australia will first apply for a 3 month visa and then after 3 months return to Thailand for 1 month.

During this 1 month, your partner can apply for a 6 month visa which is thought to be enough as a tourist.

Then the Australian Embassy will want to see a more permanent commitment to your relationship.

If 9 months in a 1 year period is enough time for you both then it would be advisable to stay in Thailand for at least 6 months before applying again for a tourist visa to Australia for your partner.

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