I decided to take a trip out to Monsters World Aquarium after seeing some pretty cool images online.  When it comes to these touristy animal places I am often times skeptical about the treatment and well-being of their animals.

First the Con:
This establishment has your typical double pricing. Thais or Farangs with a Thai driver’s license are 100 baht, and without a Thai driver’s license it is 350 baht. This is really the only con save one I will discuss later.

Monsters World Aquarium Pattaya – Affordable Fun For The Family

When we arrived to the Aquarium, I was actually surprised. The parking lot was cleaned and freshly graveled and the building itself seemed well maintained (a good indicator of how the animals may be treated inside).

After paying for your ticket you proceed into the large room, there is a food court and cafe on the left hand side and the animal exhibits start off with eagles and owls, a desert fox, a couple snakes and a sphynx cat that you can drop 100 baht to take photos with. The animals are all in way better condition than I would have thought. All animals are well fed and the cages were clean.

Monsters World Aquarium Pattaya – Affordable Fun For The Family

From the large room (where you can also feed the fish, one time included in the purchase of your ticket) there is an outside area that houses mini horses, rabbits, birds (the conures are awesome and will land on you if you whistle at them) and some larger outdoor fish in ponds.

Monsters World Aquarium Pattaya – Affordable Fun For The Family

Once you finish the outdoor portion (everything at your own leisure), the next stop is the reptile exhibit where they house anacondas, cobras, geckos and many differe other species of monitor type lizards. Again, all tanks were well maintained and the animals all looked well cared for.

Monsters World Aquarium Pattaya – Affordable Fun For The Family

Continuing on is when you finally get to the Aquarium portion (which is a lot bigger than you first expect it to be). In this area there are fish from all over the place, freshwater stingrays, an albino crocodile and some of the most massive turtles that I have seen in my lifetime. All of the water inside of the fish tanks was crystal clear. After working in an Aquarium for 3 years I can also say that none of the fish seemed to be carrying even the common diseases that one often gets in family style fish tanks.

The end of the Aquarium portion drops you off right back out by the food court and a souvenir shop should you wish to purchase goodies. All in all, well worth the 550 baht that it was for two Thai’s and one Farang. After having visited this place, I think it highly unlikely that I will visit the likes of Underwater World again due to the lower cost and higher quality exhibits of Monster Aquarium Pattaya. Enjoy the photos! Highly recommended if aquariums are your thing.

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