Muay Thai is as ingrained in the Thai culture as it gets. It has, in the last 30 years or so, become a very popular sport worldwide thanks to legends like Changpuek Kiatsongrit (The Crazy Elephant) and others traveling around and competing in tournaments around the world.

Generally the people you see doing Muay Thai are hardened muscular tanks that have some sort of pent up anger for their opponents whenever they are in the ring. A Muay Thai grandma named Sharon Garner is defying that logic.

Muay Thai Grandma Proves Age Is Only A Number

Sharon Garner is 62 years old and has been doing Muay Thai four times per week. She began her training in October of 2013, at which time she suffered from depression, arthritis and was overweight, which didn’t help her issues.

She kicked her training into high gear, going an impressive four times per week for 90 minutes each session. Since she began her training she has dropped approximately 13.5 kilos and three dress sizes in her pursuit.

Garner says that the sport has even helped her manager her arthritis.  If a 5’2, 62 year old grandma is still getting some, what is your excuse?

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