Six Must Visit Tourist Attractions In Pattaya

In this article, I am going to cover six tourist attractions that you really should visit during your time in Pattaya, some of which are incredibly popular but others may not be known to you, for one reason or another.

Art Street:

Art Street is a small Soi that runs from Beach Road to Second Road, next to the Mike Shopping Mall. It is reachable via Baht bus, taxi or taxi motorbike.

It is aptly named “Art Street” for it is wall to wall small shops that contain some of the best artists and tattooists in Thailand. In fact, you will find that many of the tattoo artists in Pattaya began their trades in Art Street either drawing, painting or as tattoo specialists.

The shops features experts in their chosen field of excellence, who are adept at drawing and painting freehand portraits and landscapes or creating unique and flamboyant ink work. Sit down and have a lifelike portrait drawn as you pose for the artist or take in a photo and they will transfer it from a photographic image to a work of art in a painting.

The same can be said of the tattoo shops. These people are top class and ahead of the field.

This short but interesting soi, is worth a visit just to see the skill on display. You will have your eyes opened when you see their talents and many are happy to allow you to view them at work, providing you are quiet and respectful.

They reproduce existing artwork with amazing aptitude, so much so, you will be hard pushed to tell the real one from the copy.

If you enjoy art, take a trip down this line of shops featuring seriously talented individuals.

Alcazar Cabaret Show:

The best way to describe this entertaining event is to put it bluntly. This is a world class transvestite cabaret show that is famous around the globe. The dancers wear an assortment of colourful dresses, often based on Thai traditional dress, whilst singing and performing live on stage.

Enjoy the acting, singing and dancing of what is simply “a show not to be missed”.

The show has been available since 1974, when it began life as a one man show. Since then it has grown in stature, becoming a household name in Thailand and across Asia. You may know it better as the Tiffany Show.

This spectacular show was voted as one of the top four must see events in the world, which should give you some idea as to how good it is.

You should allow a couple of hours for the event from arriving, viewing the stage show and departing the venue.

The show is extravagant, a kaleidoscope of colour, dazzling, glamorous and pure entertainment.

Art In Paradise:

This is a place where you will want to be accompanied by your camera, for it is filled with clever wall and floor paintings that you can interact with.

You will have tremendous fun with all the family as you blend in with the photos and optical illusions.

There is an abundance of images and illusions for you to connect with. The 3D creations allows you to appear in scenarios like they you actually there in person. It is brilliant fun!

Art In Paradise offers a completely new dimension to the world of art galleries. It is all about the illusion of being somewhere you are not but yet you are. Take a trip on safari, walk with dinosaurs, duck as giant eagles fly overhead, sit under a waterfall, or beneath the ocean inside a giant clam, get the kids to sit between the legs of an enormous teddy bear, visit the pharaohs of Egypt or float down a Venetian canal. The list is endless but you must take a camera to get the full benefit and the memories captured forever.

Wat Phra Yai Temple:

Also known a “Big Buddha, the fantastic golden statue resides high on Phratamnak Hill, over looking the city, Pattaya Bay and Koh Lan.

The statue is 18 metres tall and dominates the hillside, which also includes the famous Pattaya City sign that can be seen from Bali Hai Pier and beyond.

Big Buddha is a very popular tourist attraction which is part of the Wat Phra Yai Temple, constructed in the 1940s. Back then of course, Pattaya was a little fishing village and didn’t have many tourists.

Bus loads of people arrive every day to pay homage to the Big Buddha which is completely free to visit.

There are a number of smaller statues to enjoy and of course views to die for. This is one of those attractions that demands a camera to capture the memories.

The staircase leading up to the giant statue is something to behold, with its ornamental dragons and snakes running up the handrails.

On certain religious days of the year, you will find copious amounts of locals visiting the temple to pray.

However you do not require a knowledge of Buddhism to appreciate this wonderful treasure.

If in Pattaya, pay this attraction a visit.

Cartoon Network Amazone:

This one is suitable for all the family. It is the world’s first ever Cartoon Network themed water park and has something for people of all age groups.

The kids will love it! The thrill seekers will have have a ball.

Get the swimming costumes on and have a great time on some of the best water slides you will ever come across.

Enjoy the Powderpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and the many other Cartoon Network favourites.

There are over 150 slides and other attractions all contained within one crazy environment, across ten cartoon themed areas and you can even interact with the characters as you progress through the park.

Vast water filled pools are present for all to swim in. Slide down exciting spiralling slides on rubber boats, traverse through tunnels, falling down water filled pipes before splashing out in the exit pool.

For the younger generation, there is kids only areas for them have fun in a safe environment.

Ride the Mega Waves, brave the Rip Tides Rapids or ride in a giant rubber ring as a group or family on the Omnitrix commencing from the 80 feet high starting point.

Try the Aliens Attack ride, an adrenaline filled ride on rubber rings over the 320 metre slide. Free fall inside the Goop Loop, a 12 metre tube that you stand in before the floor disappears, sending you tumbling down the green tunnel.

For those who like the ultimate experience, try the XLR8-TOR as it sends you down an 18 metre drop at incredible speed.

The children can watch live shows featuring their Cartoon Network characters.

And watch out for special events such as Wet & Wild and Songkran.

This venue is amazing and fun for the whole family. If you like theme parks you will adore Cartoon Network Amazone.

Pattaya Park:

Pattaya Park is another excellent location that is cheap and has something for everyone. It has a water park that can be very busy but in low season, you can get the pools mostly to yourself.

There is a monorail that operates mainly during high season and attractions which are in the main, for the youngsters.

It’s main feature however is the “Pattaya Tower”, which features 55 floors, encompassing three revolving restaurants, an observation tower and a zip slide from the top all the way back to ground level.

Before venturing up to the dizzy heights of the tower, you can enjoy the fabulous pools, relax in the sun, eat in one of the cafes or ice cream shops and generally take life easy.

Take the lift to up the tower and you will find three restaurants, offering international buffets, seafood lunches and dinners and much more.

Traverse to the observation tower and you will be presented with breathtaking views of Pattaya and beyond. The tower is 240 metres high, and you can stand close to its pinnacle, gazing in all directions with nothing to obscure your view.

There is a cable car style descent from the top, should you prefer to come down with a view as opposed to travelling inside one of the lifts.

But for the brave, there is the zip line, which travels to the ground at a comfortable speed. The scary party is edging over the ledge at the top but other than that, it is a very chilling experience, affording you excellent views on your route down.

The Pattaya Tower can be seen from all over Pattaya but stands out when you are in the Jomtien or Sukhumvit Road areas in central and south Pattaya.

The park is worth a visit just to travel up and down the tower but if you want a delicious meal or a day by the pool, it is also a very good choice for a day out.

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  1. Graham

    Art Street moved to Thip Plaza, it’s all been torn down on that small soi next to mike shopping mall

  2. Anna

    Hi Charan,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    3 months back when I visited Pattaya with family, we visited Wat Phra Yai Temple, Cartoon Network Amazone and Pattaya park, but unfortunately had no information about local markets and Cabaret Shows. So, missed out on a lot of fun activities.
    We’re planning to visit Bangkok next year and this time we’re booking online city sightseeing tours and tours for local markets to have a better experience 🙂