Rain hail or shine I walk every morning around this great city, and love to see the ever changing face of Pattaya.

My starting point is the corner of Beach Road and Soi 1 North Pattaya, most days I walk along the beach then turn left at Starbucks and stop for a coffee and a croissant at Au Bon Pain at the Avenue on 2nd road. I’m always greeted by these happy smiling faces, what a great way to start the day.

Occasionally when I want to shop at Big C extra or Foodland I walk up Soi 3 past the new A1 hotel that’s under construction, then along the winding road past Hollywood to 3rd road.

It’s amazing how much vacant land there is available and screaming out for development. The skyline is dominated by Centric Sea, the new  condo block consisting of two high rise and one low rise building with 999 apartments for sale. Next door to Foodland they are building a huge entertainment complex called the Harbor, from what I see on their website it promises to be an exciting new venue for locals and tourists alike.

My Daily Walk Around Pattaya

Ok folks, can you keep a secret?
I am going to tell you where to buy the best ​ham, cheese and salad roll in Pattaya, wait a minute change that to the best in the northern hemisphere. 🙂 La Boulange is a French bakery at 245/166 Pattaya 3rd Road. The bread is soooooo fresh and the generous filling is amazing. Remember however to keep it a secret, I don’t want to drop in and find they are sold out, oh, and by the way the coffee is good as well. Check out the photo below, with many thanks to Thai Visa.

My Daily Walk Around Pattaya

My other walking destination is past the Dolphin roundabout and along Naklua Road to another favourite breakfast ​ haunt the Bon Cafe. I’ll tell you more about that when I throw together a story on Pattaya breakfast venues.

Here is another tip, if you do a lot of walking like myself and own a smart phone, there are apps available to count the number of steps you take and the distance you walk daily. You can even set yourself a goal if fitness and weight loss is your interest. For instance the recommended goal for good health is 10,000 steps a day, I am finding this quite a task, but it certainly motivates me to up the ante.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

Here is a short video from May the 1st this year showing Para-sailors and boats in Pattaya bay. It also gives you a brief look at Centric Sea condo nearing completion.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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Pattaya Beach perfect hot summer day

Photo Credit: John Everingham

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