Friends of mine suggested I visit a new Walking Street bar that recently opened in December.

My first reaction was not too enthusiastic, thinking that I would be spending another night watching girls shuffle around looking bored on a circular center stage, gripping a chrome pole like their life depended on it. How wrong can I be?

As soon as I walked in the front door of Taboo I knew this was not your “run of the mill” Walking Street go go bar. The place had more of a club feel about it rather than a bar. Long and narrow the venue is divided into two rooms offering many seating alternatives.

I immediately felt right at home

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

Why wouldn’t I feel at home? This lovely lady agreed to have a drink with me at the bar, half Thai and half Japanese and a terrific personality.

My friend Larry is not very good with a camera, especially after a few glasses of Johnny Walker under his belt. All I wanted was a shot of her smiling but he was focused on a different area of her anatomy as I am happily pointing out in the above photo.

Talking about her anatomy

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

This was the first thing I saw when I walked into Taboo and I knew I had come to the right place.

I was chatting to Glenn & Alex, two of the owners who come from Paris, they told me that soon they are going to renovate the entrance to provide some seating for people who want to watch the passing parade on Walking St. There will also be a TV screen out there showing international sport.

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

Taboo is the right hand side about 50 meters from the Beach Road entrance of Walking Street.

The girls at Taboo are super friendly

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

Now Larry may not look happy but trust me he was having a great night. Our drinks were coming thick and fast thanks to the efficient guys behind the bar. Just raise a finger and a new drink appears in a flash.

The happy guys behind the bar.

These are the guys I hold responsible for my hangover.

One week later at a pool party

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

PlanetEarth Beach Club on a sunny Sunday afternoon held a heat for LovePattayaThailand to pick some girls to enter the Grand Final where B100,000 is the first prize.

There were lots of girls competing including quite a few from Taboo.

More lovely Taboo girls.

My night at Taboo in Walking Street

Thanks for checking out “My night at Taboo in Walking Street” blog, I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit to this stylish upmarket Walking Street club.

To check out Pattaya beach just take a look at my webcam.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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