This is the best place in Pattaya to buy fresh seafood and vegetables of all types. Some of the vendors will even cook it on the spot for you.

Naklua seafood market

They offer quite a large selection of live seafood as well, and will happily clean and gut the fish while you wait. Take it home in a plastic bag full of ice, cook it and was it down with a cold sauvignon blanc of a San Miguel whatever you prefer.

Naklua seafood market

Here is my friend Pothole Martin choosing from the live section and having it cleaned and gutted.

Lobster, prawns, crab, mussels, shark etc etc.

Naklua seafood market

Naklua seafood market

​Naklua actually gets its name from its original salt farming industry. “Na Klua” means “salt farm”.

Fresh vegetables.

​The prices here will amaze you and you can be sure the produce is as fresh as you can get anywhere.​

Eat here or take it home.
Easy to get there without a car. About 15 minutes in a Baht bus from the Dolphin roundabout for the princely sum of B10.

Many thanks for visiting my Naklua Seafood market blog.

Naklua seafood market

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Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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