Every morning over 100 boats descend on Pattaya beach to transport thousands of Chinese tourists to Koh Larn island or para-sailing in the bay.

Check out my blog here to see what I mean. However from January 25th they disappeared for three days apparently because a storm surge was causing rough water and unsafe conditions. Full marks to the officials for giving tourist safety priority over big business.

If it wasn’t so cold we may have been lucky enough to see some gorgeous sights like this bikin babe on the beach without the noisy boats dominating the environment.

Check out the first video here.

Here is a photo showing the waves rolling in and tourists boarding the boats.

​Check out the 2nd video here.​

In every situation there are winners and losers, in these three cool days the winners were people like myself who walk along Beach Road every morning, the losers were to bus & boat companies and the shop keepers and restaurants on Koh Larn.

​Below is a headline yesterday in ​Singapore, click on the link.

Thailand is top Asia-Pacific tourist stop thanks to Chinese.

To check out Pattaya beach just take a look at my webcam.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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