Think that the best view in Pattaya, decent coffee and affordable prices do not come together?

Then you have never visited Coffee Break Cafe in Pattaya View Point Hill, have you?

This simple, no-frills venue occupies arguably the most sought after location in the whole city.

Perched between the two viewpoints in Pratamnak – the one by Wat Phra Bat and the other in front of the Prince of Chumphon statue – this tiny cafe literally brings Pattaya to your feet.

There is only tea and coffee on the list, both in cold and hot versions, and a limited choice of fruit smoothies with prices starting from as low as THB30 – just only a tad higher than in any street hawker’s!

And you do not need to dress up to visit Coffee Break, either.

But obviously the main draw of Coffee Break is not coffee but the view. The iconic postcard-perfect picture of Pattaya Bay attracts here an endless flow of customers any time of the day.

One hot latte and the best view, please!

You can argue that Drift, Horizon or D-Varee offer an equally great view – and will be right, as well. But they are by far much more expensive, too.

But even without the view Coffee Break would have remained a pleasant place to make a short break during a hot day. Their shabby chic style – assorted wooden tables of various forms, elegant iron lamps, blooming frangipani trees and potted plants here and there – has an appeal of its own, and a friendly, low-key vibe makes it especially cosy and somewhat private.

One hot latte and the best view, please!

Coffee Break is a daytime affair and is open from 8am till 7pm. Do not let the hordes of Chinese tourists on the viewpoints scare you off: the clientele of the cafe is mostly local or visiting Thais who come for the view and maybe some romance.

You are welcome, too!

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