Pattaya Agogo Bars

Pattaya Agogo Bars or strip clubs as they are known, are one, of if not the main reason people come to Pattaya. Pushing the boundaries and satisfying the throngs of patrons, these places really worth checking out.

Pattaya is synonymous with its nightlife scene, there are hundreds of agogo clubs dotted around the city. They come in all shapes and sizes from polished, shiny super clubs to small back street affairs that only seat a handful of patrons. There is something for all tastes and you will never run out of new places to visit.

Where it all Began

It all began back in the Sixties when weary American Soldiers would come to the small fishing town of Pattaya, on leave from fighting in the Vietnam War.

Industrious Thais saw an opportunity to capitalize. With Uncle Sam paying the bill for all these servicemen they saw that an industry could grow from all these horny soldiers. They drank lots and they like having sex- lots of sex.

The Agogo Bar Was Born!

The first agogo bars sprang up overnight. They were always packed full and as word of this magical place spread through troops returning from leave, the next group would arrive but there were more.

This trend continued throughout the Vietnam War, at its peak Pattaya was receiving over 2000 American troops at a time. The quiet fishing village was no more. The huts that lined the seafront were replaced with strip clubs, brothels and Hotels. Fishing boats were converted into tour boats and ferries.

The war ended in April 1975 and the people of Pattaya thought that was it, but many of the soldiers never left. Some had fallen in love, some had fathered children. Whatever the reason they were here to stay.

So from humble beginnings, an industry grew and Pattaya owes everything it is today to the Agogo Bars.

Scroll down and pour through our wide range of Agogo Bars!

The Pattaya Agogo Bars are legendary, some of the best nights out it the world and LOVEPATTAYA have the enviable task of checking them all out just for you!



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